Ultimate Fulfillment 79

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 10, 2015

In my previous post, I explored one interpretation of what it means to open up a relationship with divinity to infinity in terms of accessing a field of infinite possibilities. The crux of my exploration was this: being comfortable with uncertainty involves having a stable concept of Self.

I am that I am when and where I am for the very simple reason that I am is an elaborate way of saying I am as I am, such that whenever I take my rest, there I am; wherever I go, there I am. Being as I am, at rest or in flow, is fundamental to my having or doing in becoming.

The next fundamental realization about the True Self is simple yet profound: what I put out is what I get back. The energy that I put out into the world, as and when I am called to put it out, inevitably returns or is mirrored back to me in some way, shape, or form, more likely sooner rather than later.

In light of this profound fundamental, a stable means of allowing or directing this energy appropriately, as necessary or desired, is required if and only if one cares enough to handle, supervise, manage, or direct this energy responsively and responsibly, coherently and consistently.

I make a distinction between encounter and experience, such that my encounters are met with coherence of soul, informed by a sense of the sacred, with an energy that is contained serenely inside a space of intimacy, that is (for the most part) loving, caring, trusting, and forgiving.

In putting this kind of energy out into the world, I set myself up to have a certain kind of experience, one that I find aligns well with divinity, with beauty and harmony, filling me with a sense of awe and wonder as and when I am able to remain open to receiving them with relative ease.

Just to be clear: with encounter, I am full; with experience, I am filling. With encounter, I am full of love; with experience, I am filled with life.

As I am filled with the experience of life, I cannot help but appreciate and bless that which fills me with life. I cannot help but allow ecstasy to arise as a totality, as a convergence of soul and spirit, of encounter and experience, of full and filling, of full and filled, of sacred and divine.

Such, to me, is the realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment, in each and every moment in which it occurs – no need for me to wait for such realization and no need for me to hurry and worry, worry and hurry, on the way to such realization, if that is how I wish to conceive it.

In reaching this conclusion to end all conclusions, I am reminded of this affirmation of life conceived in love and light: I have all the time in the world as and when I know that everything is fine just the way it is right now – for even the impossible becomes completely possible when I am fully released on it.

Taking the path less travelled – a narrow, winding path of patience and persistence – serves as an everpresent foundation for the heart of soul, by way of the egoic core, to express as spirit. In following such a path, opportunities arise for the spirit to tap possibilities on a field of infinite possibilities and apply them in a way that supports quick and easy manifestations and realizations of desired outcomes.

A serene soul of coherence inside a space of intimacy governed by a stable, mature egoic core is the lynchpin for the evolution of spiritual expression. With the focus of heart and soul on harboring sacred intent, the spirit is more easily able to express consistently as divine.

As we have seen, the watchwords for sacred intent on the path less travelled are these: loving, caring, trusting, forgiving. Traditionally, this intent has been the focus of the sacred feminine in the presence of a strong masculine presence focused on driving, discerning, directing.

In light of this imbalance, I propose a switch in emphasis, such that this sacred intent come within the purview of a masculine presence that places its primary focus on loving, caring, trusting, and forgiving, while drawing on its hyper-developed outward driven focus, as needed.

This is not to suggest that the sacred feminine be transmuted into developing an outward driven focus, only that a sacred masculine presence be made available and accessible in a supportive role to a divine feminine presence, so that the feminine can express with grace and ease.

To wit, with this switch in cultural emphasis, we might begin to speak of the sacred masculine soul and the divine feminine spirit operating as a co-generational, co-creational force for the good and the best, respectively, in service to the sacred and the divine, respectively.

As a male, my standard of conduct is twofold: a sacred focus on loving, caring, trusting, and forgiving, and a divine focus on cultivating and maintaining a relationship with the feminine that supports a need to express with grace and ease in whatever ways it deems necessary.

Such a twofold focus serves to restore balance between the masculine and feminine.

I appreciate that such a focus can be challenged by the many and various issues of sex and gender. I would suggest, therefore, that masculine and feminine presence be construed as above, in terms that harmonize with how individuals everywhere identify in terms of sex and gender.

So, for example, one who identifies as female might care to identify as masculine, cultivating loving, caring, trusting, forgiving intent; one who identifies as male might identify as feminine, allowing sacred intent to inspire a desire to express with grace and ease; and one who identifies as shemale might care to identify as masculine or feminine, depending on his/her deepest natural inclinations. In light of this malleability, we would do well to keep in mind that a sacred masculine soul retains its coherence while a divine feminine spirit expresses with consistency.

Variability in gender is also evident when the complementary nature of this relationship between sacred masculine and divine feminine is raised in daily discourse. One might choose to identify as neither masculine nor feminine, in which case a neutral observational role might be possible with respect to the proposed gender dynamic between sacred and divine. Or, one might choose to identify either as masculine or feminine, in a two-spirited way, as situations dictate, or as androgynous, as a reminder to everyone else that masculine and feminine can find balance.

My own personal bias, at present, is to present as male with a sacred masculine focus in support of the divine feminine presence, while remaining open to other opportunities and possibilities in the future, as and when they present themselves in creative, compelling ways.

With a sacred masculine intent that is loving and caring, that is discerning of divinity, that is open to appreciating and blessing any and all expressions of beauty and harmony, I can nevertheless be forgiving in the face of gracelessness, trusting that divinity will find its way.

In light of these personal revelations, how might divinity (with a nod towards being) reach its fruition in ultimacy, or at least (with a nod towards becoming) approach a fruition in ultimacy?

As seen from above, more than a few interpretations are possible for how this fruition might come to be. From a sacred point of view, divinity reaches fruition as and when divine expression is complete in the moment, having expressed with grace and ease, having been informed by sacred intent, inspired to be as beautiful and as harmonious as the prevailing conditions and circumstances allow.

From a sacred point of view, a divine appearance (“every breath you take”) or performance (“every move you make”) has effectively met all of the essential criteria that makes it really and truly and purely divine, compelling those who witness it to remark variously as follows:

  • “this is real, this is the real deal, this really matters; this is authentic”
  • “this is true, as true as true can be; this truly matters; this is sincere”
  • “this is good, as good as it can get; this feels good; this is honest”
  • “this is right, this feels so right; this has integrity; this is integrous”
  • “this is pure, in its essence as pure as pure can be; this is genuine”

Where the divine feminine is inclined to inspire the sacred masculine naturally, spontaneously, effortlessly, the sacred masculine is naturally inclined to inform and encourage the divine feminine to be aware of its desire in the moment to realize its truth, in love, with power.

This fundamental intention – to be aware of its desire in the moment to realize its truth, in love, with power – is the prime directive for divine femininity to draw its divinity into and through its humanity, to inspire sacred masculinity to continue its path in guiding it towards ultimacy.

In a recent post that I wrote on viewing humanity through the eyes of divinity, I shared three divergent ways in which the feminine can locate and express its divinity through its humanity:

1) a root-based divinity will have presence be the focal point of this fundamental intent, drawing its energy down from the crown, through the heart, into the base of its being, into a space that is connected intimately and inextricably to the earth, to nature, to Mother Nature, to the pulsating heart of Gaia. This is the path of immanence, the path of grounding; this is the path of embodiment and embodied wisdom.

2) a heart-focused divinity will have love be the focal point of this fundamental intent, drawing its energy from the crown and the base to mix and match energies both inspired and informed to realize its truth in peace and love, passion and compassion, in a kind of alchemical and magical blending that feels edgy yet balanced, always seeking yet always founded, open yet bounded, fluid yet settled, flexible yet committed.

3) a crown-inspired divinity will have realization of truth, in love, with power be the focal point of this fundamental intent, drawing its energy up from the base of the spine through the heart into the crown, viewing the comings and goings of humanity with presence from a place on high, while keeping its heart in the right place. This is the path of transcendence, the path of inspiration and inspired wisdom.

It is important to note at this point that I view all of these approaches to realizing ultimacy as sufficient in and of themselves; that is, I do not see them as stepping stones, such that the first serves as a prerequisite for the first, and the second serves as a prerequisite for the third.

A root-based female is just as capable of realizing truth, in love, with power, as a crown-inspired female, and a heart-focused male is just as capable of realizing truth, in love, with power, as a root-based male. They merely emphasize and express their energies in different ways.

For myself, at this time in my life, as of this writing, I find myself drawn to supporting and encouraging, with sacred masculine intent, a root-based divinity. Alone, and with compatible others, I feel very much at home with the earth, especially its trees and its wide-open spaces.

I am naturally drawn to those who carry a clean earthy presence, who dress simply yet elegantly in ways that suggest a profound connection with the earth, with nature, who express physically with a natural grace and ease, who express verbally as warm, gracious, and unassuming.

In my experience, such a someone inspires sacred intent without a second thought and might even create an ache of desire to serve this someone without reservation and to serve this someone without reservation until such time that a natural parting becomes evident.

In my next post, and in light of my previous explorations of harmony and divinity, I move into infinity (8), onto the field of infinite possibilities, with a Source perspective (0) from which to draw. My sacred intent with this movement is to use the subsequent 80 series (posts 81 to 89) to guide my co-generational, co-creational energies with Source Consciousness, to help me approach ultimacy as a sovereign creator.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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