Ultimate Fulfillment 76

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 20, 2015

Divine harmony. On the one hand, this word combo is redundant; harmony by nature is divine. On the other hand, this combo makes sense: “divine” lends emphasis to the divinity in harmony.

Just as harmony, by nature, is divine, divinity, by nature, is harmonious; likewise, beauty is divine and divinity is beautiful. In light of these characterizations, we would do well to wonder: if a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment includes all that is beautiful and harmonious, how might we come to view and construe anything and everything that occurs in experience as beautiful and harmonious? Or must we settle for being merely human in our experience in this dense manifest realm, and therefore be forever less than ultimately fulfilled in this world?

Until I learned that beauty and harmony are entwined like an exquisitely crafted braid, I naively made the mistake of assuming that physically attractive women were naturally beautiful in spirit and harmonious in their conduct. I have since learned that when they wear the armor of their empowerment with a noxious sense of entitlement, they are anything but beautiful and harmonious. Many less than physically attractive women in my experience, however, have proven themselves, over and over again, just how beautiful and harmonious they can be. I would rather enjoy the company of a less-than-attractive woman who also happens to be beautiful in spirit and harmonious in conduct than a stunningly attractive woman whose voice and manner are ugly and discordant. To be sure, I am enchanted by the company of physically attractive women who also happen to be beautiful and harmonious, but for me, this all-too-rare combination is a bonus to be enjoyed rather than coveted and sought after.

The exquisite experience of spending time with a beautiful woman whose conduct is harmonious has been one of my greatest pleasures, but I have since come to a place in my life where such an outstanding positive need not take center stage in my life. Perhaps, with the right attitude, cultivated in the proper light, any and all experience in my life, with respect to my relations with myself, others, or the world at large, can be viewed and construed as positive, as divinely beautiful and harmonious, but how might this be so? How might I do the seemingly impossible and approach an experience with apparent failure and/or seeming rejection by way of perceived inadequacy, difficulty, and/or insufficiency with a clear view towards milking the experience for all that it’s worth even as I experience it? Or, to put it another way, how might I embrace personal change, initiated or otherwise, to such a degree that I expect apparent failure and/or seeming rejection to inform, even inspire, me to new depths or heights?

When I hear the catchphrase, “failure is the new awesome”, I must confess: this sounds intriguing to me on so many levels. If failure is the “new awesome”, and I suspect that it is, especially in a world that is presently filled with such an abundance of opportunities and possibilities, then why not make it a habit of pursuing, if not failure itself, then at least the opportunity to fail or the possibility of failure, such that I get to expand my understanding and appreciation of that which was hitherto unknown or unfamiliar to me? In return for facing up to the prospects of failure or rejection by way of allowing myself to feel lovingly inadequate or insufficient, I get to enlarge my awareness of my nescience, to broaden my understanding of myself, another, or the world, to deepen my appreciation of some aspect of the world that remained hidden from me for not having had the guts and the gumption to open myself up to it.

Consider the following relations:

soul (sacred) and spirit (divine)
coherence and consistency
sacred (masculine) and divine (feminine)
encounter and experience

serenity and intimacy (sacred)
beauty and harmony (divine)
ecstasy as a blessing (sacred and divine)
ecstasy as a convergence (sacred and divine)

My good fortune is that I have found it truly amazing at what can be said and done when the forementioned relations are tapped and applied coherently and consistently to uphold and follow a cosmic standard by which to live a blessed, charmed life in this dense manifest realm.

When I pause to rest, to be still, to follow my breath with sacred intent, I cannot help but invite an encounter with a soul of serenity inside a space of intimacy, and when I follow an impulse to speak, to move, to flow with grace and ease, to follow my next impulse with divine intent, I cannot help but invite an experience that would have me express a spirit of beauty in harmony with soul. With enough coherent, consistent attention given to soul and spirit, I have found that ecstasy is never that far away, to be welcomed as and when it makes an appearance as a convergence of soul and spirit, to be expressed as and when appropriate to the situation or circumstances in which I find myself.

In view of the Ultimate Desire, of growing and flowing with grace and ease, a personal relationship with the everpresent, evergreen negative greeting is less about invoking mastery at the expense of mystery as it is about inviting mystery with a view towards claiming mastery.

In my next post, I open myself up to the mystery of locating myself in this dense manifest realm as a spiritual being of light in human form to allow divinity (7) to beget ever more divinity (7).

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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