Ultimate Fulfillment 75

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 13, 2015

Where do I even begin to view humanity through the eyes of divinity?

I could easily turn the focus of my lens on all that makes humanity divine, but then, if I did that, I would be compelled to turn my focus on all that makes humanity less than divine, to put it mildly.

I might do well to begin here: when and where do I view my humanity through the eyes of divinity?

In my post, The Art of Surrender, I share five words that (still, after all this time) represent values that truly matter to me, that speak eloquently to my divinity in a voice that is nevertheless human:




As I review this list, I hear these thoughts arise in the heart of my soul: “beauty and harmony, divine”; “serenity and intimacy, sacred”; “ecstasy, sacred and divine”.

I attract divinity through beauty and harmony by being beautiful in spirit and harmonious in action; I give my attention to the divine aspect with sacred intent, through serenity and intimacy, through being serene in soul and intimate in conduct; and I am blessed thereby with a union most sacred and divine through eternal moments of ecstasy, arising in ecstatic harmonies of heart and mind, soul and spirit.

If this sounds lofty, or too lofty to take seriously, you might be right. I mean, how many of us can sustain this level of care with this kind of commitment? If you are, however, willing to give it a go, who among you would be willing to stay with you, who among you would be able to keep up with you?

Can you feel a tension beginning to build here?

Of course, sexuality and spirituality lie at the very heart of these questions. Perhaps you have heard it asked: do you prefer to live and love a life of the flesh or a life of the spirit? Maybe a better question is this: can you bring yourself to live and love a life of the flesh and the spirit?

I can now feel myself drawing closer to viewing humanity through the eyes of divinity.

bubble-realityI invite you to do this thought experiment, which I call The Ultimate Desire, if you’re willing (and a bit daring): inside a bubble of significance of your own making, you get to focus your personal subjective lens on anything you wish without worry that the object of your focus will burst your bubble. You get to focus your heart and mind on anything you wish, without exception, including all that is extremely positive, all that is bland beyond belief, and all that is extremely negative, just to see what happens – the more sacred your intent, the more pure and firm your intent, the faster the object of your focus comes to you, just outside your bubble, letting it press against your bubble when you wish to feel its effects on you, on the heart of your soul. Now, you might think, “well, I will just focus my attention on all that is positive!” Sounds great, but wait, there’s a catch: the more you focus on that one outstanding positive, the more likely it will be that an outstanding negative will come along and cozy up to this outstanding positive like a bosom buddy, making you think twice about holding on to this outstanding positive. “Well then,” you say, “I will just switch my focus to another outstanding positive, and keep switching my focus until I outrun any and all outstanding negatives!” Yes, I suppose you could do this, but who is to say that anyone would want to stay with you, to keep up with you? Might it not get a little lonely along the way? Would you be okay with living and dying alone in your sovereignty? “Well, yes, good point,” you rejoin, “but I think I could handle that; I mean, no one, except the most proud or miserable among us, is ever really alone for long after they pass into the good night.” Suppose, however, that you do take up the quest for more and better on your own (that is, “more for the soul, better for the spirit”), ’til death do you part: would you be ready, willing, and able to sustain a positive focus even at the expense of suppressing (or distracting yourself from), all manner of negative attempts to balance your focus on the positive so as to keep you in a place where you can continue to appreciate the positive? “But”, you protest gamely in a tone that knows no bounds, “is this not the challenge in approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment? Could I not learn to acknowledge and release the negative greeting with grace and ease as it arises in my encounters or my experience?”

Supposing for a moment that the ultimate in ecstasy is synonymous with realizing the ultimate in personal fulfillment: where would you place and switch, place and switch, place and switch the focus of your subjective lens? More to the point, when and where and how would you handle all that is ugly and discordant, miserable and depraved, spiteful and disdainful, vicious and malevolent, annoying and agonizing along the way to ultimate realization? Would you and could you do this on your own? If so, at what point would you be willing to settle without compromise?

I have come to see my humanity through the eyes of divinity by paying close attention to this potent spiritual precept: be aware of your desire in the moment to realize your truth, in love, with power.

This is an ongoing process of infusing my humanity with divinity, which can be artificially divided into two steps for ease of reference and for ease of remembering this most fundamental of intentions:

1) be aware of your desire in the moment
2) to realize your truth, in love, with power

In the language of the chakras, this means “being grounded enough to be present to my desire in the moment, with my power flowing mindfully into the heart of love, speaking truth intuitively with insight in a bid to realize uncommon truth with grace and ease, peacefully and blissfully.”

In this language, three emphases become evident:

1) a root-based divinity will have presence be the focal point of this fundamental intent, drawing its energy down from the crown, through the heart, into the base of its being, into a space that is connected intimately and inextricably to the earth, to nature, to Mother Nature, to the pulsating heart of Gaia. This is the path of immanence, the path of grounding; this is the path of embodiment and embodied wisdom.

2) a heart-focused divinity will have love be the focal point of this fundamental intent, drawing its energy from the crown and the base to mix and match energies both inspired and informed to realize its truth in peace and love, passion and compassion, in a kind of alchemical and magical blending that feels edgy yet balanced, always seeking yet always founded, open yet bounded, fluid yet settled, flexible yet committed.

3) a crown-inspired divinity will have realization of truth, in love, with power, be the focal point of this fundamental intent, drawing its energy up from the base of the spine through the heart into the crown, viewing the comings and goings of humanity with presence from a place on high, while keeping its heart in the right place. This is the path of transcendence, the path of inspiration and inspired wisdom.

Truth be told, I have offered but a small taste of what it means to view your humanity through the eyes of divinity, and so I invite you to expand on what I’ve shared here, to master at least one of these blessed forms of divinity as you endeavor to come to terms with The Ultimate Desire.

In my next post, I will explore the relation between divinity (7) and harmony (6) in view of The Ultimate Desire.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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