Ultimate Fulfillment 74

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 6, 2015

When and where does divinity meet stability?

This world can sometimes seem rather unstable. I have also wondered if reality itself might not be inherently unstable, or, if not reality, then at least my relationship with the human form from the point of view of soul and spirit. Is my existence in this dense manifest world not unlike a buoy bobbing up and down on an ocean of possibilities, where spirit goes up and soul invites us to come back down? But then, even the regularity of this incessant bobbing offers up a kind of stability, does it not?

Up I go, making it happen; down I come, letting it happen.

Assuming and maintaining full responsibility for the master switch at the core of ego, for operating the switch between letting it happen and making it happen, is a full-time occupation, sometimes demanding more than I can give – or take. And yet, I continue, day after day, sometimes in spite of myself, making the most fundamental decision in all of creation: let it be or make it so? In every moment, I have the pleasure and the privilege of choosing which way to go: down or up? letting it be or making it so?

But what if I could do the near-impossible and assume total control of this master switch? Would this be the gauge by which to measure my realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment?

Often, when people die and come back to life into broken, injured, or diseased bodies, they experience a natural resistance to coming back. And why wouldn’t they? I can well imagine that living in such a body would be difficult and demanding, even at the best of times. In light of this contrast, I see the dense manifest realm as a kind of anchor for the light manifest realms, where the challenge of finding and maintaining the truth frequency is generally greater and harder for those who inhabit this dense world than it is for those who inhabit a light world, where they have instantaneous access to each other’s most intimate thoughts and feelings, urges and impulses.

For the uninitiated, it can be all too easy to abandon the quest for truth (in love, with power), all too easy to abandon the quest for a buoy-like balance between No Self and a True Self, all too easy to go with pretense rather than presence, all too easy to be held captive by an enduring sense of entitlement in spite of efforts made to remain positively abandoned (or surrendered) to the Light.

field-of-play-exploratory-aIn a previous post, I captured these cosmic tensions in a graphic that I call the cosmic field of play. Teasing out all of the implications of this field of play is beyond the scope of this post. Instead, I will share one tiny sliver of an aspect of this field that is both personal and practical: as and when I am captured by the energy of blame, in what way have I abandoned my True Self? That is, in what way have I neglected to contain a sense of safety (physical or psychological) so that I might not be so ready to judge and blame others when I feel unsafe in their presence? In what way have I neglected to contain and cultivate a sense of belonging so that I might accept and forgive, appreciate and approve, more quickly and easily? And in what way have I neglected to contain, cultivate, and carry a sense of personal worth so that I might more easily deserve all that I desire and not rely so much on the validation and appreciation of others?

fulfillment typesThese questions are best posed in tandem, not as sequential yet isolated catalysts for change, but as integral catalysts for change to each other, such that their responses can be mindfully, artfully, and skillfully coordinated inside a synergistic whole. Even so, I would begin by addressing the basic of being spiritual in human form – a sense of safety as being situational with respect to truth and with respect for truth – before addressing the essence of being spiritual in human form – a sense of belonging as being relational with respect to love and with respect for love – and then addressing the ideal of being spiritual in human form – a sense of worth as being vocational with respect to power and with respect for power. For ease of reference, I’ve outlined these facets in this 3 x 3 matrix of personal stability:

truth     safety     situational

love     belonging     relational

power     worth     vocational

To illustrate, if I feel safe in a given situation, in the midst of those I trust, it wouldn’t matter to me so much if someone was there who made me feel unsafe, as long as I knew that someone was there who was up to the task of ensuring my protection, but this, of course, would require trust, and therefore truth. Likewise, if I feel a sense of belonging in my relations with others, in situations that feel safe, it wouldn’t matter to me so much if someone was there who made me feel unwanted or unloved, as long as I knew that someone was there who was up to the task of offering a clear, clean mirror for the love and trust that I already feel for myself. And if I feel a sense of worth in the work I do and choose to do, in situations that feel safe, with those whom I can feel a sense of belonging, it wouldn’t matter to me so much if someone was envious of what I could do if I knew that someone else could hold up a clear, clean mirror that allowed me to step forward and validate my own actions, behavior, or conduct.

My main point here is that in the midst of radical change, one cannot rely on situations with shifting sands for a sense of safety, one cannot rely on relations with shifting loyalties for a sense of belonging, and one cannot rely on vocations with shifting priorities for a sense of worth. Truth be told, in an ever-changing world, stability is an inside job, which requires coherence in serenity alone, consistency through buoyancy in service to others, and an unwavering commitment to equanimity when neither coherence in serenity alone nor consistency through buoyancy in service to others is possible.

Divinity imbues stability as and when I can shift naturally, spontaneously, and effortlessly between one point of reference to another with uncommon grace and ease, from serenity to equanimity to buoyancy, from truth to love to power, from safety to belonging to worth, from situations to relations to vocations in a flowing, circulating motion, so that I might assure, affirm, or assert a divine yet stable sense of earthly harmony in congruence between who I can be for myself and what I can do in service to others.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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