Ultimate Fulfillment 72

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 23, 2015

What happens when divinity meets duality?

(Hint: it’s not so much about this or that as it is this and that)

As far as I can see, the reality of duality, arising at the level of 2D consciousness, beyond the basic awareness of 1D consciousness, meets up with divinity (wholly present at 7D consciousness) in some way, shape, or form by way of 3D consciousness (where many of us now reside, at least to some extent).

I would suppose that most of us have had some experience with “simply divine” (yesterday, I connected quite unexpectedly yet divinely with a young woman’s beautiful smile, which startled us both), but what of duality? What is this thing called duality? And what does it have to do with divinity?

Captive Chaos 2 compWhen I did fine art abstract nature photography in the 1990s (soulfully and artistically, not professionally), I was acutely aware of and sensitive to the play of contrasts between light and dark, stillness and movement, in the natural environments in which I composed my art, placing my 3D focus mostly on the beauty and majesty of trees, grasses, and flowers (2D), as well as the sweeping landscapes, cloudscapes, and icescapes (1D) that I encountered in my journeys. I had the good fortune of being naturally attuned to and aligned with an already existing divine nature that made itself evident through the objects and spaces that I composed inside the tiny frame of my SLR.

In these 1D and 2D worlds, light and dark are equally and especially valuable: they show each other to be as they are and they create a world of perception with which to immerse a 3D self. In a 3D world, where awareness of self is paramount, light and dark are not perceived to be so equal in value.

For those of us who see value in acting through the power of love and light, acting in, from, or through darkness does not carry as much value, if any. We know that if we persist in acting without awareness of what we are thinking or feeling, saying or doing, we run the risk of losing the love and the light, and we run the risk of losing access to the love and the light, and yet, at least at some level of development, how might we ever come to know and appreciate and bless the love and the light if not for the absence or paucity of love (understanding) and light (wisdom)?

A very interesting paradox, if I do say so myself.

In light of this question, it seems that the darkness holds metaphysical value for cultivating moral virtue. Such darkness supplies us with endless oppositional opportunities to cultivate a strong moral character, especially courage, patience, discipline, and persistence, in a bid to appreciate the lessons of 1D through 5D in harmony with others at the level of 6D consciousness before going on to master the will to power and freedom and establish a sense of personal sovereignty at the level of 7D consciousness in close alignment with 8D master creator consciousness.

As I’ve explored elsewhere in my ultimate fulfillment series of posts, duality informs at many levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, metaphysically, and morally – but the polarities that fascinate me most are the ones that inform an approach to a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment. I am presently fascinated with these polarities:

sacred (masculine) and divine (feminine)

real (fake), true (false), good (bad), right (wrong)
pure (polluted, corrupted, compromised, contaminated, adulterated, poisoned)

as in real feelings and desires, true admissions, good intentions, right actions, pure motives,
which dovetail with the character of a person: authentic, sincere, honest, integrous, and genuine


In reviewing these polarities, let us suppose that the ultimate prize in negotiating and navigating the dense yet captivating worlds of 1D (basic awareness running through the basic elements manifesting as soil and water, air and plasma), 2D (sentience running through basic life forms, plants, and animals, which makes duality possible), and 3D (awareness of self, which makes the appearance of divinity possible) is to embody love (understanding) and light (wisdom) in harmony with unity, to become (or remain) true, wise, and free with a commitment to placing mindful, skillful, artful attention on the natural rhythms of the heart in its contractions and expansions around the vital ego.


In my previous post, I introduced a key distinction between OOs (oppositional opportunities) and OVs (oppositional violations) that I suppose are to be found inside the central descensional void (inside the black inverted triangle shown in the graphic to the right). OOs are opportunities, disguised as oppositional, to be more patient, more diligent, more persistent, more playful, more courageous, more disciplined, whereas OVs are oppositions to free will that can be known (not merely perceived) as violations of free will that result in harmful consequences to those so violated. A harmful action taken against another is any bold, aggressive, or violent action initiated against another without any right to do so and includes the following:

  • rape: coercing the free will of another person by making him or her associate sexually with whom they wish not to associate
  • murder: taking the life of another without any right to take it, which is not akin to killing another sentient being in self-defense
  • assault: directly and physically accosting without right (approaching or addressing boldly or aggressively) the bodily well-being of another
  • coercion: forcing someone, through the threat of violence, to have one’s will comply with another’s will, whether or not it is wished to be so; essentially, making someone do something against their will; coercing them into compliance or defiance
  • trespass: to enter the home or lair of another without permission or consent is an act of invading someone’s privacy and/or space, violating or compromising the safety and/or security of that person
  • theft: the taking of property (material or intellectual) that does not belong to the taker(s) (in one sense, all rights are property rights)

Every harmful action that someone is capable of taking is a form of theft; some form of property is always being stolen when a wrongdoing is committed: that is, life is a form of property; rights are a form of property; and freedom is a form of property. A living being or their property must have been harmed in order for a violation of natural law (an oppositional violation or wrongdoing) to have taken place.

OVs-OOs-lenses-gray-zoneFortunately, identifying OVs and OOs are relatively straightforward compared to knowing when an action taken has entered the gray zone between OVs and OOs. Where the objective lens can be turned on the appearance of OVs as pivots to transparent adversity and where the subjective lens can be turned on the appearance of OOs as pivots to apparent adversity, it is not so clear which lens to use when an action seems harmful (hurtful, yes, but harmful?) and has entered the twilight zone between violations to know and opportunities to grow. Consider the following event that occurred in my life recently, during these highly charged times, energetically speaking …

An aboriginal man manages to persuade the driver of a bus I am riding to get on in between stops. In a drunken slur, he proclaims his gratitude loudly to the driver, beside himself with ebullience that he is no longer outside in the cold rain, swaying uncertainly as the bus lurches forward. After paying his fare (actually, did he pay a fare?; sometimes, it is enough just to say that you’re homeless), he seems undecided as to where to sit, returning to the driver to chat her up. The driver, however, will have none of it, telling him firmly to find a seat. Again, he seems undecided about where to sit, swaying dangerously out of control as the bus turns and stops and starts again. He makes attempts to engage others in conversation, but no one pays him any heed. It becomes apparent that his pants have dropped below his rear end. Not to be deterred, while standing unsteadily in the aisle of the bus, he leans his face in close to the faces of sitting passengers, but again, it is like he is an invisible man marked for isolation. A passenger at the back calls outs to the errant passenger to pull up his pants, but he shoots back in playful defiance: “why should I pull up my pants?” He moons the questioner, turning his back on the questioner, and spreads his arms wide as if to suggest he’s been crucified. Again, he returns to the driver for a chat, almost losing his balance along the way because, by this time, the bus is moving fast. This time, the driver is not so patient, telling him in no uncertain terms to sit down, which he does, next to me, two seats over. Strangely, he pays me no heed; instead, he sits quietly in a stupor, as if an angel of peace had finally descended upon him, giving me a chance to view him intently, to note his labored breathing, his half-shut eyes, his unkempt hair, his pockmarked face, and I am sobered by his diminished presence, having laughed at some of his antics. When I ring the bell to get off at my stop, he stands up alongside me, as if teetering on a brink, with no apparent awareness of my existence; it is as if I had rung the bell for him …

In the course of five minutes, three apparent violations were committed by this beleaguered soul: emotional assault, psychological coercion, and trespass of the space surrounding the person. I say “apparent” for the simple reason that he was drunk (or drugged?). Also, I cannot help but empathize: the separation consciousness that is so prevalent on this planet had gotten to him, reaching deep down into his soul to such an extent that he could no longer cope with it. Also, the high influx of intense energies that have been reported to be bathing the planet at this time could very well have started to make an appearance, amplifying existing shadows and threatening to push otherwise sane people off the deep end (today, I saw a middle-aged woman pulling out grass in an agitated manner on a street corner of a major city street, seemingly oblivious to those around her). Some say being drunk (or drugged or half-crazy or enraged) is no excuse for committing acts of assault, coercion, or trespass on the space of another, in which case OV is the answer; others say that such acts are excusable for those who suffer so deeply that they cannot be held accountable, in which case OO is the answer. I find myself inclined to have no answer, to place the offending acts into a twilight zone of divine mystery too deep to fathom. Perhaps those on the receiving end of these apparent violations had opportunity to move beyond their comfort zones to simply acknowledge this invisible man, to cut through the stone-cold 3D entitlement of “you owe no one an interaction”, or to respond to a divinely orchestrated invitation to open their hearts long enough and wide enough to put this invisible man at ease, to reassure this soul that, yes, someone does care enough to notice him, as he is, where he is, with a genuine smile or a kind word.

And so, what does happen when divinity meets duality? Perhaps a better question is this: what could happen if we didn’t cling so tightly and tenaciously to that natural bias known as “being normal”?

In my next post, I intend to explore the link between divinity and creativity in terms of allowing divine guidance from beyond, in the context of those who would violate our freedom of will from beyond.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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