Ultimate Fulfillment 71

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 16, 2015

Divinity by way of unity. How might they relate? How might they apply?

This, according to the Law of One: in seventh heaven, at the level of 7D, in the realm of pure divinity, one comes close to being One with all, having no need of memory, no need of identity, no need of past or future, where the awareness of all that is functions almost at a level that is equivalent to the awareness of Source Consciousness. In sharing this, I am reminded of the Beings of Light that attended Howard Storm in his lucid death experience after he was rescued from oblivion.

centrality-of-presence-cccAt the level of 3D, where awareness of self obtains, where linear time in past, present, and future makes memory and identity possible, we, as energetic beings in human form, have access to a level of 7D consciousness through a convergence (harmony) of being in a state of Presence (serenity) and living and loving, learning and moving, with “a mind without a mind”, with discernment, without judgment (buoyancy).

When I speak of unity, I speak of “unity of will”, either the requisite “comm-unity of will” necessary for those in 6D to graduate to 7D or the “unity of individual will” necessary for those in 3D hoping to gain and keep reliable access to 4D and 5D levels of consciousness, obtaining in those with the wherewithal to understand, appreciate, and experience a blessed convergence of coherence (serenity) and consistency (buoyancy).

In my experience, this convergence is more or less transitory, but is nevertheless a vital part of approaching a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment by having it be less and less transitory.

Also interesting to note:

Those at 7D can relate to those at 3D, as I described in my post on harmony with divinity. Another way of putting it is this: those without memory and identity can relate to those with memory and identity, suggesting that those without memory and identity either had, at one time, an experience of 3D, or are pure expressions of 8D Source Consciousness with intimate knowledge of 3D consciousness.

Beings of Light at 7D are either Ascended Masters (to use New Age parlance), having ascended from the lower densities by mastering freedom of the will, or they are Archangels (using traditional religious parlance), having descended from the highest density with no need of freedom of will, with an awareness of all that is, with and from and through Source Consciousness pulsating at the level of 8D.

At 3D, 4D, and 5D levels of consciousness, convergence is the energetic standard by which to gauge unity with 7D through 6D. This assertion has important practical implications and applications.

First, convergence in 3D takes account of, with memory and identity, through past, present, and future, the primary concerns of living with 3D consciousness (survival, safety, security, sexuality, satiety, and significance), allowing each of us in this dense manifest realm to weave a meaningful narrative around such themes as unity, duality, creativity, stability, humanity, harmony, divinity, infinity, and ultimacy.

Second, with these primary concerns and fundamental themes in heart and mind, convergence in 3D offers a focal point by which to awaken heart and soul to true, deep satisfaction (sacredly, religiously) to evolve in mind and spirit towards ultimate fulfillment (divinely, spiritually). If convergence in 3D, 4D, and 5D is a standard by which to gauge unity with 7D through 6D, then awakening heart and soul to what is truly, deeply satisfying (coherence) while evolving in mind and spirit towards what is ultimately fulfilling (consistency) is the only purpose in life.

ego-heartI use this graphic, not only as my symbol for a healthy, fit, and vital relationship between the ego and the heart of soul, but also as a basis for illustrating the energetic standard of convergence. Here, at least in my mind, the ego is neither too inflated or deflated in relation to the heart.

ego-heart-choicelessI use this graphic as my symbol for the energetic standard of convergence by which to gauge unity with divinity. The egoic core, depicted by a seal with the number 0 representing a choiceless alignment with Source, is dormant, as the number 1, representing personal will, is absent.

By choiceless, I mean “choiceless acceptance of whatever occurs or arises in experience”, or more colloquially, “letting whatever happens be okay”, while understanding and appreciating that whatever occurs or arises in your experience is occurring or arising with your best interest at heart. Whether or not you resist or protest whatever occurs or arises in experience, you trust or realize, in the moment or in retrospect, that whatever occurs (or occurred) or arises (or arose) in your experience is (was) in your best interest. Practically speaking, this means adopting and putting into practice a basic two-step process for meeting the standard of convergence or for restoring your relationship with the standard of convergence: (1) breathe; (2) allow (coincidentally, as Source would have it, someone interrupted me while I was writing this paragraph and I protested the intrusion, only to realize in retrospect that what was said was in my best interest).

Update (06.16.19): this two-step process can also be viewed in this way: (1) contain the feeling; and (2) endure the feeling to resolve the feeling (see my post, Ultimate Fulfillment Revealed, for more)

As practical, spiritual, energetic beings in human form, how might we apply this standard practically, spiritually, and energetically to our 3D, 4D, and 5D experience, with a view towards 8D by way of 6D (harmoniously, with the grace of sanctity) and 7D (blissfully, with the ease of divinity)?

Breathing and allowing, as simple as this sounds, is an awesome opportunity to meet Source where Source resides at the moment for you; it’s also an invitation, not just to see through the eyes of infinity, but to live, love, learn, and listen through the heart and mind of infinity. Needless to say, it’s also an awesome responsibility that requires patient, diligent, persistent, playful application of heart and mind.

The context for breathing and allowing, for “letting whatever happens be okay” long enough to deal with whatever occurs or arises in the moment, in a reason-able, response-able manner, is outlined with impeccable care in this micro class video by Brian Johnson.

The highlights of this practice are as follows:

  • as in work or sport, so too in life: much of what we do requires constant focus
  • manage and guard, with trust and care, the space between stimulus and response
  • practice the following three ways to manage the sacred space between S and R:
  1. meditate daily, coherently and consistently;
  2. keep asking yourself: what’s important now?; and
  3. be willing to keep playing the equanimity game

Update (06.16.19): other questions: what is required now? what does love ask of me now?

The paradox is plain: we use the vital ego to keep the ego in check, from becoming too inflated, and we use the ego to keep the ego strong, from becoming too deflated, energetically speaking. This balance is necessary for making a meaningful contribution to the 3D experience.

In the profoundly realized and narrated story of Howard Storm, the Beings of Light referenced in this story expressed a desire to remain in harmony with the One or to restore greater harmony with the One, with the energetics of 8D consciousness. Two implications of this expressed desire follow: (1) Beings of Light at the level of 7D consciousness still experience separation from the One; and (2) Beings of Light at the level of 7D consciousness still feel separate from the One. I share this as a consolation for those who struggle with or succumb to the sometimes cold, sometimes harsh 3D experience.

And now for the hard part: negotiating and navigating the darkness inside the heart of humanity – but first, a personal confession: I’ve had more than my share of exposure to the heart of darkness, either directly or indirectly (mercifully, I will spare you the details at this point). To be sure, physical pain and emotional suffering are ubiquitous, almost to be expected at the level of 3D, what with the many failures to come to terms with the challenges and requirements of ensuring survival, safety, security, sexual relevance (even those who identify as asexual), satiety, and the significance of having a Self.

In my study of human suffering, I encountered a strange paradox: few care to consciously invite suffering into their lives, few care to admit that they suffer, and yet, prior to being born into an experience of third density, many souls plan to undergo conditions or events that cause, or carry the potential to cause, immense physical pain and/or emotional suffering, as a way to deepen the soul with trust or to awaken the spirit to care. Admittedly, trust and care play vital roles in raising consciousness to higher levels of density, beyond 3D, and it seems that pain and suffering are important vehicles by which to foster trust and develop care, but only if the pain and suffering are approached with presence and purpose.

centrality-of-presence-cccWhether pain and suffering are construed as metaphysically necessary, or merely as vital ethical means by which to deepen and awaken the character of soul and spirit to trust and care, maintaining equanimity with due presence in the dark face of fear and doubt, or anger and mistrust, remains a central challenge of preserving meaning and purpose in the human experience, which, in my mind and heart, is best done by cultivating and maintaining presence (by finding serenity alone) and by cultivating “a mind without a mind” (allowing buoyancy to arise with those we trust and with those who care), with a view towards having convergence (harmony), while preserving equanimity in the face of darkness.

amalgam-of-serviceThe darkness that opens up between the Services opens in 3D, 4D, or 5D consciousness by way of breaches and betrayals of trust through a lack or loss of true care, inviting us to consider this useful distinction: OOs (oppositional opportunities) and OVs (oppositional violations). Where oppositional opportunities are annoying or bothersome, yet instructive, even at 5D, involving as they do no real violation of free will, oppositional violations are violations of natural law, violations of human dignity, violations of the sanctity of the person. I am reminded of the throwaway phrase, “it’s all good”. Certainly, when we’re feeling good, on top of the world, at the top of our game, “it’s all good”, but telling this to someone who has just experienced an oppositional violation is as insensitive as it gets. Even if I’m feeling high on life, and you tell me, “it’s all good”, I am likely to respond thus: “yes, it’s all good, except when it isn’t”. The real challenge, at least for me, is applying a laser focus to discerning the difference between OOs and OVs without judging either. As I mentioned, souls before birth plan the means by which to suffer, not only OOs but OVs, which is not to say that all OVs are planned. At present, I remain inclined to be wary of anyone who inflicts or might inflict an OV on my person, which only serves to underscore the highlights of the practice that I referenced above, and so, ethically and indirectly at least, the reality of OOs and OVs serve a useful, perhaps essential, purpose in navigating the worlds of 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness.

We came to your peoples to give the Law of One.
We wished to impress upon those who wished to learn of unity
that in unity all paradoxes are resolved;
all that is broken is healed: all that is forgotten is brought to light.

(Law of One, Book 4, Session 90, pg. 142)

I think at least some of us are here in this world (I know I am) to embody love and wisdom in harmony with unity (could this be the ultimate prize in the dense manifest realms of 1D, 2D, and 3D?), but where do I begin to make a commitment to this embodiment in a way that allows me to remain true, wise, and free? As energy flows where attention goes, do I focus on the ego inflating or deflating with respect to the heart of my soul (a 3D choice) or do I focus on the heart of my soul expanding and contracting with respect to the ego (a 4D choice)? The answer, to me, and perhaps to you, too, is obvious, and I’ll be keen to explore it in my next post on “divinity meets duality”.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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