Ultimate Fulfillment 70

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 9, 2015

By what means do we come to understand and comprehend
the essence of Life, in the sun of Self, through the cauldron of Fate?

By what means do we come to terms with finding the octave
in the chakras, in the densities, in the meanings of numbers?

By what means do we come to view love and wisdom in harmony
by way of the body and mind, inside the heart and soul of spirit?

By what means do we come to an assumption of unity in harmony
by way of a collective understanding and appreciation of creation?

By what means do we come to presume an identity with all that is
by way of the word, the light, the love, the sound, and the feeling?

We are, each of us, given just enough to keep us moving forward
but never enough to have all that we love and desire on our own …

Shall we dare to embrace the Grand Experiment in our own way
or let ourselves falter and eventually perish in the passage of time?

The theme for number 60: harmony with source
The theme for number 61: harmony through unity
The theme for number 62: harmony with duality
The theme for number 63: harmony from creativity
The theme for number 64: harmony through stability
The theme for number 65: harmony with humanity
The theme for number 66: harmony begets harmony (or: nothing harmonizes like harmony)
The theme for number 67: harmony for the sake of divinity
The theme for number 68: harmony through the eyes of infinity
The theme for number 69: harmony with the ultimate

meditative practiceIn my recent post, I painted this picture of what it means for me to find harmony through divinity: When I close my eyes to follow my breath with sacred intent, I become one with my breath, relaxing more deeply into the moment, more deeply into the body, finding peace in the moment, finding peace in the body, noting wayward thoughts and feelings and sensations and letting them go their own way. As the breath takes on a life of its own, with a slow, deep, regular rhythm, I find unity with the breath expressed harmoniously. The resulting peace of mind and bliss of breath are simply divine.

stepping-through-fearThis ritual of return to a natural state of presence brings zanshin (and serenity), allowing space for mushin (and buoyancy) to arise on the other side of the central, descensional void: A spacious, timeless clarity opens in a soul of unity, in a unity of soul, for the spirit in harmony, with no form of its own, and yet, paradoxically, this clarity most divine is capable of receiving, reflecting, and responding to any and all forms, and can do so without being affected by those forms in any ultimate and permanent way, not unlike a mirror that reflects with complete openness, without being affected by the reflections. Here we find inexpressible divinity in the expressible human form.

centrality-of-presenceIf I am fortunate, the experience of satori makes an appearance, where body and mind in soul and spirit, find congruence by way of zanshin and mushin arising harmoniously in tandem, sacredly and divinely: It is here that we have access to the energies of 7D consciousness; it is here that we have access to those who inhabit the 7D realm, in the timelessness and foreverness of seventh heaven, where the Source Field of Source Consciousness presents itself as the Galactic Logos. I am especially fortunate when I feel the energy of 8D consciousness flowing through body and mind, soul and spirit.

ego-heartI’ll be the first to admit, however, that it is no easy matter to access 7D consciousness, but in my experience, it is even more challenging to live, love, and learn from and through 7D consciousness, exploring it soulfully and expressing it spiritually with satori in mind, as a launchpad to expand warmth and depth of heart around the vital ego with its master switch of choosing between witness and will, between accessing higher consciousness through the witness and expressing egoic consciousness through the will to experience a sense of power and purpose.

centrality-of-presence-cccThis discrepancy between witness and will is everpresent and makes for some interesting encounters and experiences at the level of 3D consciousness. In elaborating my heuristic of the centrality of presence to include coherence, consistency, and congruence, I am reminded, on a practical level, what I need to do and where I need to be when I allow myself access to the information and energy of 7D consciousness: coherence allows me to be informed, consistency allows me to be inspired, and congruence allows me to be both informed and inspired. Coherence in body and soul allows sacred encounter, consistency in mind and spirit brings divine experience: as coherence and consistency become congruent, I am both informed and inspired to embrace satori, to be born yet again in the moment with yet another fresh perspective or point of view to consider.

In light of this elaboration, the ideal of ultimate fulfillment is an ideal of allowing, “an ideal of ultimacy by which to approach and allow perfection to manifest”, expressible as follows:

Ordination through Occupation

I allow myself to occupy a spacetime
where I can be, have, do, or become
whatever I wish or will, need or desire,
without any sense of wanting (lacking)

Three parts are evident in this ideal:

I allow myself to occupy a spacetime (1)

where I can be, have, do, or become
whatever I wish or will, need or desire, (2)

without any sense of wanting (lacking) (3)

If the first part of this declaration requires coherence in myself, at the heart of soul, in relation to a True Self, manifesting as zanshin (and serenity), then the second part requires consistency in the ways in which I conduct myself, manifesting as mushin (and buoyancy). The third part completes this masterful declaration with satori, where congruence (and harmony) arise from steady commitments to having coherence and consistency manifest.

With respect to this ideal of ultimate fulfillment, my overarching intention is to allow a mature love of Self to realize coherence in myself and to apply consistency in my life for as long as I live:

I allow myself to love myself beyond all measure,
to love myself so much that I cannot do anything
that does not have me love myself even more . . .

With this core intention, I can ask, and keep asking …

For the sake of heart and soul, where can I actualize?
For the sake of mind and spirit, where can I optimize?

In the Law of One series – in particular Book 1, Session 16 – an intriguing understanding of density is conveyed from a 6D perspective, with some insight into 7D and 8D levels of consciousness:

The path of our learning is graven in the present moment. There is no history, as we understand your concept. Picture, if you will, a  circle of being. We know the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence. The circle never ceases. It is present. The densities we have traversed at various points in the circle correspond to the characteristics of cycles: first, the cycle of awareness; second, the cycle of growth; third, the cycle of self-awareness; fourth, the cycle of love or understanding; fifth, the cycle of light or wisdom; sixth, the cycle of light/love, love/light or unity; seventh, the gateway cycle; eighth, the octave which moves into a mystery we do not  plumb. (ref: The Law of One, Book 1, pp. 156-157)

This description is as profound a characterization of D (density) as I have ever read, offering as it does benchmarks by which to understand and access consciousness at different levels of density.

The idea is this: at lower levels of density (where density increases, making it harder to turn thoughts into things), the interplay of space and time, matter and energy, force and consciousness inside the implicate order, with its emergent products and outcomes, vibrates at ever lower levels, giving the appearance of solidity and increasing the likelihood of resistance from Self and Other to getting what we need or want.

When we die (transition), our light bodies shed our dense bodies, so that, by default, we enter a higher (less dense) level of consciousness, making it possible for us to do things that were not possible while embodied in dense human forms, like communicating telepathically or moving freely and easily to any location in timespace (3 dimensions of time, one dimension of space) relative to spacetime (3 dimensions of space, one dimension of time). With this in mind, let us explore the hallmarks of D:

  • 1D: awareness (rudimentary)
  • 2D: growth (in consciousness)
  • 3D: an awareness of Self
  • 4D: love or understanding
  • 5D: light or wisdom
  • 6D: light/love, love/light, unity
  • 7D: a gateway (to …? – my guess is this: infinity; more specifically, intelligent infinity)
  • 8D: a mystery (the mystery of creation, the mystery of the Creator, of the Source of Creation)
  • 9D: being a witness to the first octave of density (not mentioned in the description above)

The implications of this list, when viewed in context, are quite fascinating to consider.

In 1D, inanimate objects have awareness. This dovetails with the profound ancient wisdom of animism. Think of molecules of water assuming beautiful, harmonious shapes when feelings of love are shared with the water, or think of the last time your computer (or some other electronic device) started “acting up” when you became distressed about some matter or other while using it. Think of the experiments done to influence random number generators to produce statistically significant results with mere intent that could not have been produced by chance alone.

In 2D, sentient life forms (microbes, plants, animals) are in a cycle of growth, and by growth, we do not mean biological growth, but growth in consciousness. Think of those Clive Backster experiments on cellular life forms where they “scream in distress” when someone harms or kills their fellow cells (at a distance, no less). Think of those experiments where plants react with acute awareness to the mere intention of being harmed by the flame of a match being brought into close proximity to them. Think of those experiments where baby chicks separated from their mothers attract a robot (with a random number generator that governs its movements) on the other side of a glass partition to spend more time with the chicks than it otherwise would if it were left to its own devices. With all of these interactions, sentient life forms have opportunities to grow into self-awareness, perhaps to even advance incarnationally into forms that harbor the means by which to experience self-awareness.

In 3D, which is where we are, for the most part, evolutionarily and incarnationally speaking (some of us are beginning to get a taste of 4D and 5D and beyond), conscious life forms (such as the human life form) are exploring and realizing awareness through the experience of fear (and distress) in relation to having a Self (note: this would correspond to the first three chakras – root, sacral, and solar having to do with survival, safety, security, sexuality, and significance – below the heart space). Think of the difference between a chimp and a young human child when both are presented with the task of placing a defective object upright: the 2D chimp will keep trying, over and over and over and over again, to get it right; the 3D child will, after a few attempts, discover the reason why it cannot ever be right; the child, having awareness of self, has the advantage of comprehending why, and so ceases making any more attempts.

In 4D, love or understanding is paramount, because at 4D, incarnational telepathy (or at least telempathy) becomes possible, becoming more and more probable the higher you go up the continuum of 4D consciousness. In the Law of One series, mention is made that each level of density contains an octave of sub-levels and that each sub-level of D in turn contains yet another octave of sub-sub-levels and each sub-sub-level of D in turn contains yet another octave of sub-sub-sub-levels, and so on and so on and so on, into infinity. What is so interesting about this resolution of density into digital increments is that it allows mathematical and scientific explorations and measurements of D. By the same token, when viewed holistically, as a smoothed-over continuum, refined levels of density allow for metaphysical and artistic explorations and expressions to be made. Also in 4D, a bias towards either Service to Self or Service to Other is still permitted, before 6D unity is realized.

In 5D, light or wisdom is paramount, because at 5D, duality is still a challenge or a concern. Beings at 5D are learning the full meaning of love (of mixing pleasure and desire with care and compassion), exploring and expressing passionately, expanding and ascending truly and wisely, awakening and enlightening to the possibilities of bringing incarnational love and wisdom into harmony to the fullest extent possible. This, in contrast to 3D love and passion, where others are viewed as objects of desire, where personal significance reigns supreme, where pleasure is sought from a purely egocentric point of view, without much thought given to the Other. Again, a personal or social bias towards Service to Self or Service to Other is permitted, but one can easily imagine that such a bias is less pronounced at 5D than it is at 4D. More and more, those at 5D are moving closer to Unity at 6D as a social memory complex, which is described in the Law of One series, where the path of learning is graven (fixed indelibly in the body and mind, soul and spirit) inside the present moment (experienced increasingly as timeless or eternal).

In 6D, light/love or love/light obtains in unity. Presumably, this subtle difference between light/love and love/light lies in the emphasis that any individualized portion (entity, being) of the social memory complex gives to light (wisdom) or love (understanding). Perhaps you already know, in the 3D experience, where the emphasis of your search for ultimate unity lies when you go about your day and interact with others: would others tell you that you tend more to embody love and understanding or would they say that you tend more to embody light and wisdom? At the level of 6D, there is no experience of duality, and because there is no such experience, there is no need of history along a continuum of past, present, and future. According to the Law of One, the graduation or harvest of 6D beings into 7D, where one is at One with all that is, with no need of identity, no need of memory, and no need of past and future, generally requires moving through a cycle of 75 millions years (in 3D terms).

In 7D, beings of light are one with all that is, with the “isness” of all that is, as seen and heard and felt through the eyes and ears and heart of the Creator Source who resides at the 8D level of consciousness. In my post on finding harmony with divinity, I shared a couple of examples of beings who I thought reside at the level of 7D, interacting with those of us who are (sometimes) mired in the 3D experience. Beings in 7D are so attuned to the Sum and Source of ALL that everything they see and hear, think and feel, and say and do is an expression of Source Consciousness, which is perhaps why 7D is referred to as “the gateway cycle” in the Law of One series. With no identities of their own, they have immediate access to events occurring in spacetime and timespace simultaneously, everywhere and everywhen. With no identities of their own, there is no need to express a sense of personal significance. They speak and act as they are called to speak and act without so much as a moment of doubt or hesitation. 7D is a level of evolution so advanced as to defy common sense in the 3D experience.

In 8D, the One and Infinite Creator is a single supreme Being of Light creating and expressing and intervening through the actions and conduct of 7D beings who in turn act in tandem to guide, harmonize, encourage, and protect beings of light at levels of density below 7D, but then Ra, in the Law of One series, references guardians of planet earth who exist at the level of 8D as a Council concordantly with the third density rings of Saturn in our solar system. This seems rather odd to me: can 7D beings operate at the level of 8D? The best we can get from Ra in the Law of One as to what this might be about is this: “… eighth, the octave which moves into a mystery we do not plumb.” This admission suggests one of two possibilities: (1) the octave is complete in and of itself, with no higher levels of density; or (2) this octave of density is but one of many more octaves that exist in a Universe with an infinite number of versions of itself with its own laws and its own ways of being and doing.

With 9D, I surmise a hypothetical level of density, in which the possibility that each of us, with sufficient learning and growth, could become a Witness to Creation as it unfolds in real time and no time, as a Witness to the Creator as Creation is explored and expressed on all levels of density, from 1D to 8D.

In presenting this material, I am reminded more profoundly that the entire universe is alive on many levels of density, which are best understood in context, in relation to each other: that is, someone at, or with access to, 7D will comprehend density in ways quite different than those at 3D or 4D. For me, this is not a question higher means better – just different. Recall that an experience of density is cyclical; descension could very well be just as integral to the process of awakening and evolving into and out of density as ascension. What I mean by this is that we could have been placed to go deeper into 3D, 4D, and/or 5D with an understanding of 1D and 2D, with reference to 6D and 7D, and perhaps 8D.

Could this be the essence of the Grand Experiment that I referenced in my previous post?

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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