Ultimate Fulfillment 67

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 19, 2015

We all have our excuses for not living our lives
to the deepest, highest, fullest extent possible

No shame in this, for justification is compensation
for learning to live inside the depths of ignorance

We all judge ourselves, moving us away from life,
so as to become aware of how it shows up in strife

Surely the price of being human is worth the cost
to suffer the primal fear of being found to be lost

Do I deny myself, denigrate and dismiss myself?
Do I reject myself, renounce and repress myself?

With awareness and acceptance comes action
in the wake of asking: where do I judge myself?

And, what does this stop me from doing in life?
Most important of all: how do it make me feel?

We alone hold the golden key to divine freedom;
we alone hold the key to finding love in wisdom

The theme for number 60: harmony with source
The theme for number 61: harmony through unity
The theme for number 62: harmony with duality
The theme for number 63: harmony from creativity
The theme for number 64: harmony through stability
The theme for number 65: harmony with humanity
The theme for number 66: harmony begets harmony (or: nothing harmonizes like harmony)
The theme for number 67: harmony for the sake of divinity
The theme for number 68: harmony through the eyes of infinity
The theme for number 69: harmony with the ultimate

Unity lends meaning to harmony, which makes divinity possible.

When I close my eyes to follow my breath with sacred intent, I become one with my breath, relaxing more deeply into the moment, more deeply into the body, finding peace in the moment, finding peace in the body, noting wayward thoughts and feelings and sensations and letting them go their own way. As the breath takes on a life of its own, with a slow, deep, regular rhythm, I find unity with the breath expressed harmoniously. The resulting peace of mind and bliss of breath are simply divine.

A spacious, timeless clarity opens in a soul of unity, in a unity of soul, for the spirit in harmony, with no form of its own, and yet, paradoxically, this clarity most divine is capable of receiving, reflecting, and responding to any and all forms, and can do so without being affected by those forms in any ultimate and permanent way, not unlike a mirror that reflects with complete openness, without being affected by the reflections. Here we find inexpressible divinity in the expressible human form.

It is here that we have access to the energies of 7D consciousness; it is here that we have access to those who inhabit the 7D realm, in the timelessness and foreverness of seventh heaven, where the Source Field of Source Consciousness presents itself as the Galactic Logos.

As we persist in releasing any and all tensions and rigidities – physical, psychological, karmic – through contemplation by way of meditation, at rest or in the midst of activity, we tap an inner knowing with mirror-like clarity, becoming all that is, shifting identity to a galactic awareness of embodied wisdom.

At first, only glimpses of the fruits of this awareness are possible, but as we persist in melting, transforming, and releasing patterns of thought and behavior that underlie attachment, we grow ever more alive, awake, aware, and alert to the promise, power, purpose, and possibilities of 7D consciousness.

We do this by tapping the promise and power of divine love, by expressing this love energetically whenever and wherever possible, by turns loving and trusting; intentionally pure and firm; warm, kind, and gentle; genuinely empathetic and sympathetic; with compersion and compassion, as and when the situation or the circumstances call for it, all of which calls for high levels of awareness and acceptance.

Reliable and meaningful access to 7D consciousness requires nothing more and nothing less.

In the remarkable and fascinating story of Howard Storm (read parts 2 and 3), he gives us glimpses of those who embody such a high level of consciousness, how they look, how they think, and how they prefer to interact. It should be noted that his reference to Jesus Christ is strictly his belief and his belief only; the being who saved him from his descent into oblivion never once confirmed his identity as Christ.

Aside: also interesting to note is that Howard Storm knew these beings on some level, like meeting relatives at a Christmas dinner without being able to recall their names or whether they married or had families. I interpret this to mean that either (1) they serve as his guardians while incarnated in a 3D experience, where amnesia is the norm serving a divine purpose; or (2) they all belonged to the same soul group before the soul of Howard Storm took the challenge of plunging into a dense and challenging 3D experience, not unlike a deep-sea diver. When the being who saved Howard Storm told him, in no uncertain terms, that he belonged with them, he also said: “we don’t make mistakes; you belong”.

“We don’t make mistakes.”

I invite you to contemplate the import of this declaration (please note: this simple yet powerful declaration will gather more meaning from a 7D perspective as you continue to read this post).

In the remarkable and fascinating documentary called The Hidden Hand, we again have the pleasure and the privilege of meeting those who inhabit the realm of 7D consciousness.

In less than two minutes (time references: 52:17 to 54:11), Shelley Yates, miracle mama, founder of Fire the Grid, relates a remarkable and fascinating story of how she and her son miraculously survived a drowning incident on the night of November 14, 2002, after flipping her car into a lake. As she relates it, she failed in her attempt to break out of the car, could no longer breath and panicked. At that moment, a voice commanded her to relax, after which a being of light made an appearance in the car with her, causing her heart to open and her mind to clear, explaining to her that she relax, that she give herself over the experience so that she can transition peacefully to The Other Side.

She recalls being in the sky with six tall robed and hooded beings, three of which are dressed in white and three of which are dressed in black, playing a game around a board, rolling a die and “interfering” with our planet (note: I put “interfering” in quotes because this is not what these beings were doing, as this would imply a disregard of free will; a better word, in my view, would be “intervening”), declaring “do not judge us; we are both essential to the duality of your planet, the darkness and the lightness”.

She observed the side of one face for its pure symmetry and its pure harmony full of love (these beings can appear as they wish). They told her they would instruct her on how to save her son’s life: “remember what we tell you when you go back and we will guide you at the hospital after you return” (she was resuscitated after being under water for 15 minutes; her son was rescued after being under water for 30 minutes). She was instructed by these beings, who were “in her ear”, to ignore the doctor’s suggestion that they unplug her son, to let the doctors do what they do best for the body, but that she find the means to rebuild her son’s energy body, and invite it to stay, with the help of friends and family; for three days solid, she rotated hundreds of people through the ICU of a major Canadian hospital, while the beings kept coming to her, presumably to advise and encourage, after which her son woke up, as if nothing had happened, defying the odds of surviving the ordeal.

The most interesting part about this story, at least for my purposes here, is this declaration: “do not judge us; we are both essential to the duality of your planet, the darkness and the lightness”.

In The Law of One series, an individualized portion of the social memory complex known as Ra shared, by way of a human channel, that they inhabit a 6D level of consciousness, where they are learning to master the play of duality, while no longer being subject to its incessant ups and downs. At 5D, apparently, one still has a choice whether to adopt an STS orientation (Service to Self) for the involution of soul and the evolution of spirit or an STO orientation (Service to Other). At 6D, only an STO orientation is possible, according to Ra. At 7D, mastery of duality is attained, so that it becomes possible to intervene constructively in the affairs of those who inhabit energetic realms below 7D consciousness.

For those who inhabit a 7D level of consciousness and for those who inhabit realms below 7D but who nevertheless have access to 7D, the telltale sign is this: “we don’t make mistakes”. Practically speaking, the voice of intuition is always right, without exception, even at the level of 3D consciousness. When spoken, it might not make sense, but it nevertheless speaks truth, transcending space and time, and is nevertheless absolutely correct about what is transpiring in the heat of the moment.

The implications of accessing a 7D perspective for full disclosure, for exposing secrets and disclosing hidden opportunities for humanity, are these: we are not alone; we have help, and this help is extremely capable. If our galactic guardians tell us that a pandemic or nuclear war will never happen on this planet, you need not believe it – you can know it. Freedom of the will for the individual person (and for the human species on this planet) is paramount, but only up to a point. Darkness is allowed to play out for the benefit of our learning and growth. If you choose to exercise an STS orientation at the level of 3D consciousness, this is your choice; if you choose to play with the darkness, again, this is your choice. If you choose an STO orientation, where you are more likely than not to serve others in some capacity, you nevertheless also have the choice to engage the darkness, to be or become a vibrational match for what it is the darkness has to offer in terms of your learning and growth.

The implications of accessing a 7D perspective for approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment are these: to be fully versed on what a 7D level of consciousness has to offer, I must first be cognizant of what the first six levels of vibrational density have to offer me in terms of evolving in my learning and growth before I can appreciate and bless and genuinely share the offerings of 7D.

If life gave you nothing you desired,
and if it were not on your own terms,
would you still have the generosity
to be present enough to show up for it?

‘Tis a fair question, with no easy “yes”

Harmony for the sake of divinity is being humble enough to learn and master the lessons of 4D, 5D, and 6D from a 3D perspective so that you can begin to participate at the level of 7D.

Presently, we are all deep-sea divers in 3D capable of coming up for air in 4D (learning the lessons of dense embodied love), 5D (walking the razor edge of dense embodied wisdom), 6D (harmonizing in concert with others to gain a renewed appreciation of duality), and 7D (intervening on behalf of others without so much as a single doubt). Accessing 8D consciousness (intelligent infinity) is to have yet another bag of tricks altogether with which to appreciate the 3D experience. In other words, let us not poo-poo 3D as inferior, but let us instead enrich it and expand it with reliable and meaningful and purposeful access to 4D consciousness and beyond, as far as we can stretch ourselves as we approach the ultimate in fulfillment both as persons in human form and as divine beings with sacred intent.

In my next post, I immerse myself in the waters of 3D to view harmony through the eyes of infinity.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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