Ultimate Fulfillment 65

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 5, 2015

Harmony with humanity.

I invite you to be at one with these words for a moment, to let them sink into the heart of your soul, if you feel so inclined, or to merely ponder them from afar, from a witness perspective.

Harmony with humanity.

These poetic words have a pleasing ring to them. When I meditate on them, allowing them to pass through my lips in a whisper, with sacred intent, more than a few images come up for me …

Not all of them good and not all of them bad.

The theme for number 60: harmony with source
The theme for number 61: harmony through unity
The theme for number 62: harmony with duality
The theme for number 63: harmony from creativity
The theme for number 64: harmony through stability
The theme for number 65: harmony with humanity
The theme for number 66: harmony begets harmony (or: nothing harmonizes like harmony)
The theme for number 67: harmony for the sake of divinity
The theme for number 68: harmony through the eyes of infinity
The theme for number 69: harmony with the ultimate

I suppose I could have said “humanity in harmony” or “harmony for humanity” or “the harmony of humanity” or “harmony through humanity”, but because the focus of my writing is to approach a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment, “harmony with humanity” feels more personal.

I sometimes wonder: what would it be like to live in harmony with humanity, not just on occasion, but as a matter of course in the course of living a life as a spiritual being in human form?

I have found that living and leading a life as a spiritual human being is no easy matter to be sure, regardless of how deeply and pervasively I succeed at simplifying the substance of my life.

From one perspective, we live in a world where humanity relies on reality being a surface phenomenon, a perceived and deceived affair, not entirely real or true or good or right or pure, subject to all manner of missinterpretations, where reality is a process of becoming the greatest story ever sold.

Indeed, if you’re very good at making sales, you’re also probably very good at shaping and selling the story of your life in keeping with the consensus reality.

Now, supposing, in following the wisdom of the Huna Way – in particular, the principle of Ike, such that “the world is what you think it is” – we decide to change our collective perspective on what kind of world we occupy, namely, we live in a world where humanity relies on reality being a deeply accessible, easily transformable phenomenon, a love affair with life where many if not most members of that species known as human have more than enough opportunities to bring perceptions and deceptions to light, to have them be entirely real or true or good or right or pure, such that misinterpretations are quickly and easily corrected, so that reality becomes a process of realizing the greatest story ever told.

Such would be the power of truth; such would be the power of choice in keeping with truth.

This world can all too easily feel like an oppressive weight on the shoulders of those who would take it upon themselves to have a deep obligation to seeking, finding, and keeping harmony with humanity. The temptation to forget about the world and just concentrate on being alive to come alive, on coming alive to be alive, on “doing your own thing”, on “having all that you desire”, is strong, especially in a world where the intentions to “do your own thing” and “have all that you desire” are par for the course. The temptation to live fully through spirit alone, exclusively through the vehicle of personality, at the expense of heart and soul, is too strong for many to bear, and therefore too strong to resist, which is why a relatively tiny (wealthy, private, elite) portion of humanity has (so far) been so awfully good at keeping secrets.

But even they have universal rules to follow, which they term The Rules, and one of these rules is that they inform us publicly (with stealth, of course, to circumvent our free will) to gain our consent.

georgia_guidestonesAn example: the Georgia Guidestones, aka the American Stonehenge, is a most curious monument. An imposing structure on top of a hill, it is full of … you guessed it … secrets. Very few know who commissioned its construction, and those who know are keeping mum. One insider by the name of George Green, who worked closely with those who work closely with those who are close to The Family (aka The Network, known most popularly as The Illuminati or The Cabal) has gone on record as saying that the content of this monument represents their vision for the future of humanity, which squares with the fact that four of its pillars are carved with guidelines written in eight languages (plus shorter messages carved at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts). It should also be noted that this monument was erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia. Even more notably, a lot has happened since then.

guidelines on georgia guidestonesOn the surface, many of these guidelines seem innocuous, but the first two guidelines – “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature” and “guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity” – suggest an agenda of eugenics for a post-apocalyptic world. Before they were destroyed, a large number of interconnected deep underground military bases were rumored to have contained large cities for holding many thousands of elite people in the event of an apocalypse. Many puzzling and disturbing things going on in this world at this time are in all likelihood related to a geopolitical strategy of positioning that would realize an agenda of depopulation and eugenics by covert means and by means of centralized banking, international law, and global finance. An alternate financial system is in the works, however, and a quiet war for global financial control is currently in play, wreaking havoc in various parts of the world (in Ukraine and the Middle East, primarily). In frustration, some very capable thinkers and writers have lashed out at groups of people who they suppose are responsible for this conflict – cabalists, Jesuits, Zionists, Khazarians, illuminati, the Vatican, free masons – but in my reading of the situation, a super power group wise to the ways of power would never concentrate its power in one group alone, thereby making itself an easy target, but would instead spread itself thin in a stealthy manner through infiltration at the highest levels of any given power group, which is why they are so difficult to expose. Without exposure of hidden power, however, a full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, historical and contemporary, and its role in worldly affairs is next to impossible without a great deal of money, power, and influence. Think of it this way: if an alien species wanted to blend its genetics with humanity, and then populate this world with the resulting hybrids, what better way to do this than to ensure the realization of a combined agenda of depopulation and eugenics in secret, in collaboration with willing human participants whose reward for compliance is global power?

One might call it the ultimate conspiracy theory, but then, what if it’s not a theory?

If the scenario painted above is as bleak as it is real, would it not make sense for a concerted effort to be made to hide it all behind a cloud of disinformation and misinformation – while offering up tidbits of the truth in the news and entertainment media and through monuments such as the Georgia Guidestones?

Some of us already know that humanity is under siege, like never before – politically, economically, culturally – creating a pressure cooker environment on a global scale as if to harvest “the best and brightest among us” (eugenics-like) while weaponizing the food supply and common household products, genetically modifying the seeds of life (for a new species, perhaps?), and forcing mandatory (weaponized) vaccinations into law (depopulation-like).

Eating well, being the best you can be, and moving away from sunny California never looked so good . . .

Supposing humanity to be a byproduct of genetic contributions throughout history from 22 different alien species and you have what might be termed “The Grand Experiment”. If such an experiment is to succeed, would it not be in someone’s favor to make it policy to have the various races and genders get along? With a vastly reduced population, a strict policy of gun control, and a concerted effort to raise the bar on what constitutes proper moral behavior (not to mention the many people who are being put in prison), would this world not be a safer, kinder place for the introduction and integration of alien-human hybrids onto this planet? By all accounts, they have already been seen among us, and with their superior mental powers, would it not serve the agenda to phase out dumb humanity, or at least tolerate the best of current humanity, in favor of incorporating this new species of hybrid?

But then, what of those souls deemed to be starseeds, souls from other star systems, who have abilities and sensibilities conducive to helping and healing current humanity to awaken and evolve? Some interesting dynamics present themselves when you have various mixtures of souls and forms living and moving and learning together.

Harmony with humanity.

There is much to disdain about what humanity has done, and yet much to admire about its potential, and much to wonder about the current human biological form, even if it gets a little messy at times.

Individually, we can each focus our attention on the physical and sexual potential of living as human, on the emotional and relational potential, on the mental and ideational potential, on the creative and intuitive potential, on the religious and spiritual potential, or on some combination thereof.

Take your pick.

Collectively, we can focus on serving our selves first and see where that gets us or we can focus on serving others first and foremost in a bid to lift humanity out of the mire of immature egocentricity.

Harmony with humanity.

Could this really and truly be about staying humble and dependent on avoiding negative karma, on generating and maintaining positive karma, or on dispelling, nirvana-like, any and all karma?

Acting in harmony with moral, natural, spiritual, and universal law has much to recommend it, making a personal condition of harmony with humanity a far easier, more enjoyable proposition:

  • living in accordance with the law of return, the law of consequence, the law of karma
  • being responsive and response-able, setting a destiny, knowing when you have a choice
  • learning how to make the right decisions and knowing how your motives shape your life
  • discovering who you really are and making the most and best of who you know you are
  • living emotionally and passionately while dealing with your feelings mindfully and skillfully
  • shaping your personal reality with your thoughts and using your mind to guide your karma
  • learning how to forge positive bonds with others to create and enjoy positive relationships
  • being honest enough to live and love truthfully by being forthright with sensitivity and skill
  • opening your hand and heart to give and receive, and to show that you really and truly care
  • appreciating and blessing the many gifts of life so as to make the most of your experiences
  • learning what it means to have enough and more than enough to live well and spend right
  • engaging right livelihood in a bid to work productively and earn responsibly, with integrity
  • feeling good and keeping your karma good and clean with a view towards remaining healthy
  • assuming your place in the world, knowing how to join a crowd and still be yourself truly
  • finding connection in a challenging world, living in harmony with everyone and everything
  • doing good by helping others, making a genuine contribution to the welfare of humanity
  • learning how to balance the scales by playing fair and patching up conflict and confusion
  • clearing away bad karma, wiping the slate clean to create a better future for one and all
  • living with courage and conviction by remaining true to yourself and your moral principles
  • facing karmic conundrums head on by making difficult choices to resolve ethical dilemmas

As you can see, the ultimate in personal fulfillment requires at least one lifetime to realize.

And so, what if there is more than one secret space program? So what if there are many extraterrestrial, interdimensional, extradimensional, ultradimensional species waiting to make contact with us? So what if the world is being prepared for a new alien human hybrid species?

So what if a New Age awaits us, giving us all that we could possibly desire (and more)?

Collectively speaking, are we ready for any of this?

Are you ready?

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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