Ultimate Fulfillment 62

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 14, 2015

If a wholly fulfilling reconciliation of heart and mind, soul and spirit, need and desire, fate and destiny, life and lifestyle is my desired outcome, am I nevertheless willing to do the work?

Or would I rather just play with what I have?

Truth be told, ‘work and play’ is (presently) the duality of choice for the Witness and Will of a True Self to reconcile heart and mind, soul and spirit, need and desire, fate and destiny, life and lifestyle.

The theme for number 60: harmony with source
The theme for number 61: harmony through unity
The theme for number 62: harmony with duality
The theme for number 63: harmony from creativity
The theme for number 64: harmony through stability
The theme for number 65: harmony with humanity
The theme for number 66: harmony begets harmony (or: nothing harmonizes like harmony)
The theme for number 67: harmony for the sake of divinity
The theme for number 68: harmony through the eyes of infinity
The theme for number 69: harmony with the ultimate

Where do I best place my focus with respect to finding harmony with duality?

A focus on resolving karma with an evolving dharma is a good candidate. With this focus, I can resolve karma to satisfy the heart of my soul even as I evolve in my dharma to fulfill the mind in my spirit. More to the point, I can choose (with care) to engage The Great Illusion, through mind and spirit, even as I choose (with compassion) to address The Original Wound with the heart of my soul.

From a cosmic perspective, I view planet earth as a school, a playground, a game, a programmed (and programmable) matrix within which to release and realize the essence of heart and soul through The Original Wound, to grow and evolve in and through the many ideals conceived by mind and spirit.

Inside this dense 3D school, playground, game, or matrix – however it is you wish to view it and treat it – The Great Illusion persists: others (fellow humans and beloved pets) are reflections of ourselves, in which we get to experience, through work and play, apparent uniqueness in our respective individualities.

In reality, this system is (potentially) incredibly beautiful and wonderful, allowing us to be vibrational matches for whatever it is we wish to encounter in our work and to experience in our play.

The one caveat to all of this is that we honor our own (apparent) free will and the (apparent) free will of others by refraining from violating or infringing upon their natural right to choose to live and love and learn as they see fit; otherwise, we risk compromising both heart and soul.

Ultimately, we are here to learn the lessons of love. We are here to act on our own behalf to meet our own needs, to experience all that we desire, while being accountable and responsible for these needs and desires, respectively; we are here to listen and respond appropriately to the feedback of others, without (necessarily) interjecting our own stories, giving time and space to the care of others; and we are here to find and realize a dynamic balance between our material and spiritual aspirations. We are here to offer service, when requested, and we are here to relate how we think or feel when others presume to breach our boundaries, expressing ourselves creatively yet consistently, firmly yet kindly.

To be sure, it’s a simple curriculum, but by no means easy to master, and why is this the case?

It all comes back to The Original Wound, which is a matter of heart and soul, life and death. The Original Wound, or the Wound of Separation, is the most common link between emotional suffering and the many varieties of behavior and conduct for which this suffering is a vibrational match: obsession and compulsion, abnegation and addiction, reclusion and pretension, repression and suppression, hesitation and distraction, insulation and rejection, submission and domination, regression and aggression, inhibition and deception, procrastination and manipulation, dissociation and exploitation.

After reading this frightfully long list, you might be tempted to believe that humanity is a deeply wounded species, having gone to great lengths to cover the depths of its woundedness (and its associated miseries) with all manner of pretense. I invite you, from a witness perspective, to watch and to listen to the many ways in which this woundedness manifests from and through the hearts and minds of those you bear to meet and greet in everyday life, of those you bear to see and hear in the news and entertainment media, but I caution you: do not stay there for long, for you just might begin to believe that there is something substantial to your own feelings of being existentially abandoned that aim to reflect and express a cosmic abandonment that plays out over and over again when parents or caregivers keep saying “no” to their children, and their children keep reacting negatively, feeling rejected and dejected by the real or apparent loss of care, or that plays out over and over again when primal screams of anguish and terror echo through our world as reverberations of a reality of existential abandonment and despair so deep and so dark that it defies all reasonable belief in human goodness and kindness.

For the fortunate ones among us, we are aware and alert enough to choose, at work or play, to be real or fake (to appreciate the play of authenticity), true or false (to appreciate the play of sincerity), good or bad (to appreciate the play of honesty), fair or foul (to appreciate the play of justice), right or wrong (to appreciate the play of integrity), pure or polluted (to appreciate the play of being genuine). Ultimately, by putting and keeping these dualities in their place, by placing and keeping ourselves in positions where we can be at choice about them, we can (eventually) choose happiness and harmony for good reasons (or for no reason at all), slip sliding away from feeling interminably miserable and abandoned, to claiming at least some entitlement to being happy, all the while feeling the immense relief of knowing that we were never really abandoned by anyone except our own disempowered selves.

Before I leave you, I feel a soft obligation to share a brief perspective for coping or healing or dealing with the many and varied manifestations of The Original Wound:

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll have come to realize that I have taken a cosmic perspective on how things on earth are playing out at the present time. I personally took this perspective in response to an inner calling, and there is so much I have not yet shared. At first, as I found out, this perspective can be both a burden and a blessing – a burden if you are not prepared to be a witness to the suffering of others from the heart of your soul, and a blessing if you can find it within yourself to see and treat everyone you meet and greet as divine, as worthy of your compassion. Perhaps you will reach a point, like I have, where you will see that even the most wounded among us deserve, if not our respect, then at least some care, appropriately given with some foreknowledge of what led to their woundednessness being made manifest.

There is so much that has been hidden in this world and the time has come for me (and you, if you have read this far and appreciate what I am saying) to bring most if not all of it into the light of day.

Let The Great Reveal continue, gradually yet steadily building to Full Disclosure (if you get my meaning).

I would be so honored if you joined me in my questing while understanding that I am no one special – just another keen spirit in human form, feeling and looking to bring about a sounder, saner, emotionally safer world for us all, and yes, this includes the illuminated ones, those above third density who have no wish to be our babysitters and those inside third density who would presume to rule us all.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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