Ultimate Fulfillment 58

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 17, 2015

This past week saw my 100-year-young Self come alive in time to show up and give me a few minutes of his time to share some words of gratitude and wisdom from the heart of his soul.

Here is what he had to say:

Thank you, my dear young friend, for staying the course to clear a path of realization to the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

Although I have yet to reach the pinnacle of fulfillment, the heart of my soul finds itself on course, growing into the Light of Presence, even as it continues to marvel at the depths to which peace can bring love into the joy of bliss with the grace and ease of Being at One with The One.

I trust that these words make sense to you (and your readers).

It all seems so effortless now; I just wish I could express how this feels in the fullness of the feeling and what this means in the fullness of the meaning, but of course, in due course, you will know.

I have but four parting words of wisdom for you: let it be easy.

In light of the intense energies bathing the Earth at this time, I appreciate this encouragement from the future, or, if you prefer, from one among an infinite number of apparent futures in the Eternal Now.

The next instalment to my resource on coming to terms with fate begins with a statement of my prime directive to approach the ultimate in fulfillment – personal, transpersonal, and impersonal:

optimize: make the best, most effective use of
current conditions, resources, and opportunities
to actualize and realize your fullest potential

The key words here are optimize, actualize, and realize, as in “optimize your life and lifestyle, to actualize your fullest potential, to realize yourself at the heart of soul as fully as possible, making the most of your opportunities under current conditions with current resources, making as many if not all of your desired outcomes manifest, and making these outcomes as real to yourself as you can. An element of mystery remains in doing all of this, however: the current conditions, resources, and opportunities available to you here and now, referring as they do to the soul of fate and the fate of soul, to the matter of your fate and fate of your matter, might not always be evident to you in the here and now. This is a good thing, as it implies there is always a new and fresh potential to tap, to observe and explore or express.

In light of this prime directive, here is a structure I conceived for guiding and goading me on my path, combining as it does the Way of Huna and the Seven Chakras with my own personal take on it all:

staking-a-claimGuideposts to Energetic Mastery

crown / ordination – soul and spirit
the principle of ike ~ the world is what you think it is

light / sanctification – fate and destiny
the principle of kala ~ there are no limits

sound / calibration – life and lifestyle
the principle of pono ~ ‘effective’ is the measure of truth

heart / purification – peace and prosperity
the principle of aloha ~ to love is to be happy with

fire / justification – inform and inspire
the principle of mana ~ all power comes from within

water / manifestation – transform and evolve
the principle of makia ~ energy flows where attention goes

earth / contemplation – matter and energy
the principle of manawa ~ now is the moment of power

This heuristic is depicted as a stake to signify “staking a claim on earth” by Right of Consciousness. Imagine, if you will, driving such a stake into the earth without violence, with a living, loving force.

With as much determination as you feel is necessary …

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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