Ultimate Fulfillment 57

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 10, 2015

In a recent addition to my resource for coming to terms with fate, I lit a match to the notion of living a conventional life and lifestyle, setting it on fire with my desire to explore, express, and expand.

My next instalment to this resource concerns the notion of living a cosmic life and lifestyle. I know this looks and sounds and feels more than a little “out there”, so let me put it into perspective.

cosmic-elementsBefore I convey what I mean by “moving from conventional to cosmic”, we would do well to explore the difference between life and lifestyle, between “blessing a life” and “choosing a lifestyle”. I could easily have said “the difference between lifesubstance and lifestyle”, but I think the word “life” will suffice here. When we talk about how you live your life, we’re talking about your lifestyle, the style of your life, but when we talk about the relational, vocational, and situational matter of your life (who you are in relation to yourself and others; what you like to do and do well; and where you prefer to be and go), we’re talking about the substance of your life. Where the style of a life is more fluid, with a positive potential for a growing range of choices (and a greater sense of choice), the substance of a life is relatively more solid, comprising various attachments (or better yet, commitments) to people, activities, and places, albeit with a niggling, nagging, negating potential for a shrinking range of choices (and a weaker sense of choice) encased in a fear that a certain change for the better is no longer possible or desirable.

Here’s a quick albeit extreme choice to illustrate these differences: I can either make a commitment to stay in the same place with the same people by the same means for the rest of my life, or … I can make a commitment to move from one place to the next, meeting different people, by different means, for the rest of my life. If the first commitment is a commitment to being, then the second commitment is a commitment to becoming. An obvious challenge for those who embrace the first commitment is to keep things fresh with “a separate peace” (i.e., being first, becoming second); an obvious challenge for those who embrace the second commitment is to find “a separate bliss” in constant change (i.e., becoming first, being second). When we settle on making the first commitment, we are vulnerable to stagnation, and when we get comfortable with making the second commitment, we become vulnerable to distraction. With these vulnerabilities, “a separate peace” is undermined by a languid soul wallowing in stagnation, even as “a separate bliss” is overwhelmed by a hyperactive spirit driven to distraction.

With either commitment, keeping things fresh with “a separate peace” or finding “a separate bliss” in constant change, we can think, feel, and act in accordance with what is generally thought, felt, or done, by being or becoming concerned with what is generally held to be acceptable or respectable at the expense of our own individuality or sincerity (at least we get to feel safe and secure). Conversely, we can think, feel, and act, as much as this is possible and practicable, in accordance with our own inner guidance, in keeping with our own sense of individuality and sincerity. In view of this fundamental choice in life, a conventional life and lifestyle is an artificially construed and constructed life and lifestyle, whereas a cosmic life and lifestyle is an organically, spontaneously explored, expressed, and expanded life and lifestyle. Can you see and feel the difference here? It doesn’t matter what role you play: you could play the wise gardener to an elite concern or you could play the simple grocer working day in and day out at the corner store and still view and treat your life and lifestyle in cosmic terms.

Granted, you could continue to follow the lead of others for your learning and growth, but why would you ever want to remain a follower when the time has come to take the lead in shaping the matter of your own life with a view towards managing the energy generated and radiated by your chosen lifestyle? Why be a sponge for the impressions and suggestions of your significant others when you can be your own person, meeting and greeting them all in your own way, on your own terms? As I’ve said before, in my resource for coming to terms with Lady Fate: “never stop learning, never stop exploring, never stop growing, never stop burning. Be honest with yourself: could this be your new motto for living life to the fullest?”

A cosmic expansion (and ascension) in our lives (and lifestyles) can and does include getting our hands dirty. The first time I took a hunk of clay and put it on a potter’s wheel, I was amazed, astounded even, at how malleable it became in my hands after I applied a little water to it and got it spinning. Holding that hunk of clay felt very grounding to me, but the magic really started when I slapped a little water on it and started working it, shaping it to my liking. Cosmic truth be told (and why not tell it), a big part of why we’re here on this planet is to infuse the earth with our divinity through our humanity.

So, what does a cosmic life and lifestyle look like to you? Sound like? Feel like?

These are questions that I’ve been delighted to ask and explore for myself lately.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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