Ultimate Fulfillment 56

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 3, 2015

For the past 18 consecutive days, I have followed a daily morning practice (with this template) to give me a deeper, fuller sense of what it means to weave a cosmic narrative as a cosmic true self living a cosmic life and lifestyle with a cosmic worldview on a cosmic field of play.

As a result of doing this, I can feel the momentum building day by day, and I feel a stronger sense of purpose, even as my life is being pulled and guided onward and upward in desirable directions.

In being guided towards a cosmic coherence, here is what I’ve learned:

The matter of my fate is a product of dense energy formed, informed, and transformed by patterns that I choose to put in place (or to keep in place) with the power of my conscious intention.

Every conscious intention, as and when it plays along in tandem with its key associates – thought, emotion, outlook, attitude, conduct, behavior – has, for better or worse, an energetic consequence.

The ultimate measure of my life is determined, not only by how much time I spend, but by how much energy I invest with the time that I have. Those intentions that serve my health and happiness are grounded and guided by a core intention: a mindful, skillful, artful use of my energy.

Let me put it this way: if my intention is good and my attention is sound, then the energy of life thereby generated and radiated cannot be other than good and sound; the law of attraction is in play.

I find that a most curious challenge arises, however, when I feel pushed or pulled into patterns that no longer serve me. I’ve dropped the ball, so to speak, or else, I’ve had the ball taken away from me.

In either case, I can choose to lament the lack or the loss or, with a good intention and with some sound attention, I can get the energy moving and flowing in a direction of my choosing, by choosing to frame the lack or the loss in my own way, on my own terms. Rather than resign myself to being a victim of the lack or loss, I choose instead to be a victor of the lack or loss, framing it in a way that supports and serves.

Another challenge arises when I remain oblivious to the power (to be intentional) and the promise (of being attentive) to create patterns that keep me motivated and inspired. When I remain oblivious to my power and promise, I am, in effect, resigning myself to my fate by allowing myself to fall under the weight of a lack or loss, abandoning myself to a lack of quality or to a loss of vitality in my life or lifestyle.

It is all too easy to “keep things the same” and to lose our power and promise in the process (or to never find them in the first place). I address this all-too-common, all-too-familiar reality in the next instalment to my resource for coming to terms with fate, bringing light to the conventional life and lifestyle, but before you go there, I suggest you watch this first, to remember who you are, to remember who we are:

Before I go, here are a dozen quik tips for being magical with your energy:

  1. take ownership of your energy by staying in touch with how you feel
  2. operate on the presumption that you can see the innocence in everyone
  3. be open to receiving the vibes of positive energy with grace and ease
  4. keep your energy clean and clear with a practice of letting be, letting go
  5. play catch only with those who are willing to toss you clean balls of energy
  6. make it a habit to see all that is real, true, good, right, and pure in others
  7. be good to yourself, be kind to yourself, if you wish others to respond in kind
  8. teach others how to treat you: no complaining, and no blaming or shaming
  9. selectively share your positive vibes: smile; be generous, give compliments
  10. be projective not protective: generate and radiate the aura of your choice
  11. trust your inner guidance to take you where you feel you need to go (or be)
  12. stay open to feeling what others feel without taking on their heavy baggage

As I said, and this bears fruitful repetition, “if your intention is good and your attention sound, then the energy thereby generated and radiated cannot be other than good and sound.” This question, however, remains: am I willing to sustain full responsibility for the energy of my intentions and attentions?

Number 56: harmony for the sake of humanity …

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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