Ultimate Fulfillment 55

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 26, 2015

I have heard it said, and perhaps you have too, that life is wholly without meaning, except the meaning we choose to give it. If everything is a choice, including how we respond even when we feel we have no choice, this is reassuring to know. It is nice to know that I can give anything a meaning, that I can be the source of my own meaning, but what does this mean, exactly?

We would do well to remind ourselves that we give meaning to that which resonates with our intention, to that which feels worthy of our attention. The meanings I give are intimately fed by the quality of my encounters with beauty, by the vitality of my experiences with harmony, from a space of serenity.

In the 1990s, when I made art with a camera, my standard of acceptance for composing a scene was this: “how pleasing to my eye is the subject of this composition?” The matter of color was hardly ever a consideration, except when the colors that jumped out at me made it so by hooking my attention.

When I read about colors and their meanings, I cannot help but be sensitive to the context in which these meanings are applied, even imposed. For some of us, the color black (if indeed black can be called a color) is the color of death; for others, black is the color of magic, of mourning, or of sophistication.

Some colors come alive against a black background, whereas others are muted by such a contrast.

The color white is associated with purity and, if the NDE literature is anything to go by, with the depths of peace and love, joy and bliss, grace and ease. For some of us, the color white (if indeed white can be called a color) is the color of death; for others, white is the color of magic, of mourning, or of sweet innocence.

Some colors come alive against a white background, whereas others are muted by such a contrast.

With all due respect to black and white, the color gray (if indeed gray can be called a color) is more fascinating to me.  As a child in the throes of wonder, I mixed touches of white paint with black, or touches of black paint with white, and marvelled at the many shades of gray that I could produce.

In a context of morality, in doing good or being bad, white, black, and gray figure prominently: some of us would have us believe, with respect to moral conduct, that there is no black and white, only gray. Needless to say, this notion is biased in favor of gray. When a child is abused, we are hard pressed to see the gray.

field-of-play-2-plus-canvasBut then, along a gray scale of conduct on the cosmic field of play, from white to black and back again, much of what we say and do is gray. Just how much of what we say and do in any given moment is authentic, sincere, honest, integrous, genuine? Just how much of what we say and do is motivated by service to self and how much is motivated by service to others? Granted, there is a curious presumption here: service to others is superior to service to self, but what of those who go out of their way to try to please everyone all of the time, even at their own expense? And what we do we say to those who claim to serve themselves first so that they can serve others with presence, from a space of authenticity, sincerity, honesty, integrity, or purity? Could it be that those who presume to take service to self as less than desirable are making a confession?

But then, maybe service to self is the perfect excuse to create a fixed defensive boundary around the self so that it can raise itself up by way of judgments made (even the most subtle ones) in comparison to others to keep itself separate (and presumably safe) from all manner of takedowns.

If someone acting under cover of dark pretense presumes to manipulate you, and if someone acting under cover of gray pretense presumes to obligate you, and if someone acting under cover of light pretense presumes to influence you, then what are we to make of those who act under cover of light pretense to exploit you? Could this be a case of someone practicing black magic with the light?

And what are we to make of those who act under cover of dark pretense to influence you in a positive direction, to teach you a lesson in morality, to help you appreciate the complexity of morality? Could this be a case of someone practicing white magic in the dark? Could it be that “nothing is ever as it seems?”, except as and when we can discern the intention behind the attention?

chakra-hourglassAn ancient system of energetic mastery employs what are called chakras, concentrations of energy in the body, a system of energy centers that serve as an interface between the various bodies (physical, etheric, subtle) presumed to contain and carry the means by which to convey our intentions. There are those who say that our bodies have 114 chakras, but for ease of reference, many who rely on them point to seven (or eight) main ones, running from the bases of our spines to the crowns of our heads (or beyond). Interestingly, these seven chakras are correlated precisely with the seven primary colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. My understanding is that this is a New Age convention, as the ancient texts do not ascribe such colors to the chakras. Even so, I find it useful to view the chakras in terms of these colors.

In this way of thinking, red is the color of grounding, the color of being and remaining grounded by the earth and by earthly matters. In a dark context, red is the color of blood, warning, danger. In a light context, red is the color of safety and security. Taking pure red as the standard, adding a touch of white brings red into the purview of the light; adding a touch of black brings red into the purview of the dark.

And so it is with the other colors in the chakra system. Every color can be interpreted lightly and positively or darkly and negatively from a pure standard, with no ambiguity to speak of, provided that the context in which a color is used is clear. Keep in mind, too, that a dark and negative meaning applied to a color (e.g., dark red as warning) can have a positive intention (i.e., to keep you safe).

Michael Newton, author of (most notably) Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, renowned for his work on mapping the process between incarnations, found that souls display colors. All indications are that the color of your soul (the frequency at which your soul vibrates) correlates rather well with the primary colors. A white soul, for example, is a young soul, resonating at the frequency of innocence (or else, a highly advanced soul expressing purity of motive and intent); a gray soul (“a dirty snowball”) is a relatively inexperienced or immature soul; a yellow soul is still invested in its own significance; green souls address matters of the heart (“the love that you withhold is the pain that you carry”); a blue soul is rather advanced in its knowledge and wisdom; a violet soul is a very wise soul, a demonstrated leader of leaders (purple is the color of royalty); and a golden soul is an ascended master.

In my resource on coming to terms with fate (incidentally, I’ve added more content), I use color to signify my intent: green for peace, blue for possibility (as in “the sky is the limit”), red for passion, and yellow for added significance as and when I add a yellow highlight for emphasis.

The primary colors are also usefully applied to the notion of density, in terms of frequency.

9D-CosmosSupposing our cosmos (our universe, our verse of the multiverse) to be layered in densities, from the most dense to the least dense in terms of resonance and frequency, if black is the color of 0D, then red the color of 1D, orange the color of 2D, yellow the color of 3D (which is where we are, attempting to come to terms with our own significance), green the color of 4D (which is where we are headed, to immerse ourselves fully in the nature of love), blue the color of 5D, indigo the color of 6D, violet the color of 7D, gold the color of 8D, and white the color of 9D. The number 9 is especially significant in terms of realizing ultimacy (or even the ultimate in personal fulfillment), as these mathematical sequences illustrate in a most fascinating way:

(1 x 8) + 1 = 9

(12 x 8) + 2 = 98

(123 x 8) + 3 = 987

(1234 x 8) + 4 = 9876

(12345 x 8) + 5 = 98765

(123456 x 8) + 6 = 987654

(1234567 x 8) + 7 = 9876543

(12345678 x 8) + 8 = 98765432

(123456789 x 8) + 9 = 987654321

Each of these numbers has significance (in my most recent post, I intuitively attached a recognized meaning to each of them), and each of us (potentially, depending on how developed we are) has access to these densities from the perspective of significance. The more access we have, the more evolved we become from the point of view of significance, and the more evolved we become, the more access we have to those who inhabit the other densities, vibrating at other (higher) frequencies.

If do we live in a 9D+ cosmos, where numbers and colors have enduring significance, we would do well to remember the importance of context for making sense and meaning of ourselves and our lives.

Addendum to my previous post:

heart-2-heartyammy heartsThis past week saw me receive a rather unexpected response from the Universe to my graphical query (which I reproduce here for ease of reference). I used a Henckel knife to cut through this mammoth yam and the resulting display was a total surprise. I mean, what are the odds of cutting this yam in just the right way to produce this extraordinary image? To me, this was just a big fat yam. Well, okay, a yummy yam in retrospect, but a yam nonetheless. The Universe seemed to be saying: “look to nature to find your peace in love; nature is not perfect and neither are you, but you know what? That’s okay. Enjoy the journey, and while you’re at it, revel in your imperfections; you might even want to marvel at them.” As for the significance of 54, I got confirmation from the universe three days after I surmised its meaning: I received a box of chocolates from a service provider that contained 5 varieties of chocolate, 4 apiece. A card thanking me for my patronage came with the chocolates. On the face of the card was the face of a child with the corners of his mouth covered in chocolate, looking rather sheepish. Forget not your humanity, indeed. And oh, by the way, just as I finished prepping the yammy hearts image, I noticed the time – 1:11. The Universe keeps talking to me and I can hardly keep up.

How is your conversation with the Universe going?

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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