Ultimate Fulfillment 54

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 19, 2015

Last week, I introduced a distinction, flowing from a definition of the Light, that serves to underpin the radical notion of cultivating, coordinating, and celebrating a cosmic identity as a cosmic true self.

This week, I offer more substance to this notion in my resource for coming to terms with fate, with a view towards crafting a cosmic narrative for guiding the conduct that we bring into our lives.

As I continue to articulate my cosmic notions, to reach gently and thoughtfully for a cosmic identity on the cosmic field of play, I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the way the Universe relates.

The idea of “having a conversation with the Universe” makes more and more sense to me the more I pay close attention to the events that occur in response to the things that I say and do.

I’ll give you a couple of quick examples.

Just before I posted Ultimate Fulfillment 53, I found myself caught up in getting the wording of what I wrote “just right”, to the point where I declared in exasperation to no one in particular, “I will get this right even if it means spending the entire day doing it”. Before long, I did get it right, and I finally felt released to do my groceries not far from where I live. After buying the groceries, I called a taxi to take me home. Curiously, when it arrived to pick me up, it was oriented in a direction that was not at all usual, parking further away than usual, which meant that the route home was different than usual, and when I did get home, the manner in which the groceries were placed by the driver in front of the house was different than usual. Everything was different and none of it to my liking. Thankfully, I was relaxed enough to take it all in stride, but I realized, as I put away my groceries, that the Universe seemed to be telling me, in a rather humorous way, “be patient; no need to insist that everything be perfect.” Even the (new) cashier who processed my purchases was (much) more patient than other cashiers.

heart-2-heartUniverse to me: “patience, my friend, patience.” Me to Universe: “alright, you got me; thanks for the reminder not to be so insistent with having things be a certain way, but … I do have a question for you, which I’ll pose to you in the form of a graphic – and by the way, please take your time responding to this question; it is rather profound, and something of a riddle for the likes of me, if you don’t mind me saying …”

numbers-and-meaningsThe second example involves getting a message of confirmation from the Universe. When I resume writing the draft of my resource for coming to terms with fate, I tend to review some of the content that I wrote just before picking up where I left off. After reviewing the writing that I did on the definition and distinction that I referenced at the beginning of this post, I just so happened to take note of the time in the lower right corner of my computer screen as 12:34, which felt like a confirmation that I was either progressing soulfully or ascending spiritually (perhaps both). Numbers can be quite fascinating when viewed in isolation, but they are especially so when viewed in combination (11, 111, and 11:11 are popular ones, as if they were meant to communicate a double, triple, or even quadruple emphasis on unity). My own interpretation of what numbers signify is based on an extensive reading of how others interpret them. Oftentimes, I suspect that we communicate in numbers without even realizing their full significance. It is also interesting to consider that events in the Universe could be very well be coded in terms of numbers and number combinations. For example, what might “54” in the title “Ultimate Fulfillment 54” signify? Universe: “forget not your humanity for the sake of stability.” I have to admit, in light of what I’ve written, this makes a whole lot of sense to me. Me: “point well taken.”

These two examples might seem too mundane and trivial to be taken seriously by those constrained by earthly identities, but speaking as one who is reaching for a cosmic identity, I definitely think that we can find (or make) meaning and purpose in the more subtle nuances and movements of our daily lives.

Could it be that the essence of having a cosmic identity as a cosmic true self on the cosmic field of play is being able to share a meaningful and purposeful conversation with the Universe?

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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