Ultimate Fulfillment 51

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 29, 2015

In my experience, too many seekers of truth have developed a love hate relationship with the ego, which is curious because the ego is the most intimate and essential of subjective realities.

Sidenote: for me, burnt orange is the color of hate.

One moment, the seeker is unapologetically egophobic – “how can we best rid ourselves of the ego?”; the next moment, this seeker demonstrates, by word and deed, with righteous intent, with egophilic fervor, that there is absolutely nothing more important than the ego – “who could possibly be more important than me, myself, and I?; if I don’t take care of myself first, how can I possibly take care of you?”!

Egophrenia (rhymes with schizophrenia) is like that: egophobic on the one hand (in retrospect, after suffering a bout with egomania, perhaps?) and yet, egophilic on the other (in the heat of action).

Consider …

The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego;
the second half is going inward and letting go of it ~ Carl G. Jung

Am I only one who thinks there is something profoundly wrong with this statement? Why would anyone want to release something healthy and of vital importance to the Self, no matter the age? I mean, if you had the choice, you would want to live healthily and vitally, indefinitely, would you not?

Granted, C. G. Jung, given his stature, might not even have said this, or if he did say something like it, the meaning of his words might have been misconstrued. Having said this, why this strange ambivalence about something so essential to our emotional health, our moral fitness, our spiritual vitality?

In my way of thinking, better to embrace the ego’s functional regulatory power without putting it on the throne, so to speak, while remaining responsive to (and response-able for) its power.

With this embrace, you could just as easily positively abandon your ego with the energy of allowance to access the heart of your soul to satisfy what is required in your life, as much as you can entitle your ego with the energy of insistence to access the mind for the sake of your spirit to fulfill what is desired.

Or, having exhausted these two radical possibilities on their own, you could tap and switch your native energies to allow and insist, as and when you see fit, with uncommon grace and ease.

Truly, the ego remains of paramount importance to the centrality of an identity at the core of a cosmic true self living a cosmic life and lifestyle with a cosmic worldview on a cosmic field of play.

To use a quaint yet apt expression, “let us not carry the tub outside and throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Have we forgotten that babies are precious? Dare we toss our tiny egoic selves?

Quick reminder: a mini black hole is tiny, too.

Need we be so quick to ignore, dismiss, or belittle its power?

Think carefully about this: what if we received the power of our egos into our hands to reclaim our Selves? Might we not be more inclined to keep the ego in balance with the heart of soul?

Might we not be more inclined …

  • to give exclusive rights to our positive, responsive vibes when we choose to connect?
  • to forgo taking on the responsibility for compensating for the negative vibes of others?
  • to refrain from matching these negative vibes by judging another’s unique experience?

I invite you to pause for a moment to feel your responses … I’m just getting warmed up …

Might we not be more inclined …

  • to raise the frequencies of our sympathies to the level of sharing genuine compassion?
  • to give up giving away our power to those we perceive as having more power than us?
  • to let go of thinking we know better by letting others enjoy the luxury of their ignorance?

Yes, I am willing to let you enjoy the luxury of your own ignorance with respect to the ego …

Might we not be more inclined …

  • to dance around attempts by others to suck us into the energy vortices of their dramas?
  • to sidestep attempts by warring parties to draw us into the middle of their fierce battles?
  • to call others out on their attempts to blame us for events over which we have no control?

Again, take a moment (or two, or three) to contemplate a stronger relationship with others …

Might we not be more inclined …

  • to please others with our wit, grace, and charm by pleasing ourselves first and foremost?
  • to hold our ground and heed our guidance when others try to tell us that they know best?
  • to mind our own business, to stop caring so much about what others think/feel about us?

Just because so many fail at being responsible for keeping their energetic traumas and dramas in check doesn’t mean you need to go along for the ride. Eventually, if you haven’t already, you’ll rise and shine to a threshold where no one can touch you with their wayward energies.

If you responded “yes” to any of these questions, then you know egoic power at its best.

Yes? Yes.

Come on, people, we need to stop bashing the ego (but don’t listen to me; listen to yourself).

Read this if you feel at all inclined to be responsible for your energy, to muster and master your energetic Self with your ego in balance with the heart of your soul and the rise of your spirit.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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