Ultimate Fulfillment 39

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 4, 2015

Take a moment to contemplate these questions:

  • who among us aspire to know truth to speak truth?
  • who among us aspire to be transparent with ourselves?
  • who among us aspire to embody every color of the rainbow?

These indigo, crystal, and rainbow aspirations are worming their way into the global body politic, into the collective consciousness of humanity, into the consensus reality of life on Earth today …

… and there’s no stopping them.

Certainly, we can try to ignore them, dismiss them, seek to avoid them, or evade their influence, but they will continue, in this protected dense manifest realm, to draw us into the light of truth.

For myself, I find value in working, in playing, with all of these energies, with all of these aspirations, and in this light, I designed a tool of awareness for coming to terms with my own fate.

You can go there immediately and directly (see link above) or you can read the next instalment of my resource for coming to terms with fate before you link up with this tool I call The Scales of Fate.

Aside: the thread of my discussion in the resource can be picked up here: This question can only be taken seriously when we realize it’s not unlike asking: “just how badly do I want to be at peace, to follow my bliss in love through joy, with grace and ease, to realize my potential?”

A few words about the next instalment: pessimism is expressed there, but it’s a pessimism derived from a ridiculously extensive, relentless reading of the condition of life on earth today, circa 2015.

Just know that I do not come to these dark observations lightly.

Also know that I understand and appreciate that much of what we see in the world can oftentimes be a reflection of what is going on within. We would do well, however, to see and hear and feel that some of what goes on in this world is not a reflection of what is going on within.

In spite of the ideology of solipsism running rampant on this planet, there is such a thing as truth, independent of what we may think or feel is real. To a large degree, we are responsible for creating our own experience of reality, but there is a reality that cannot be created.

Having said this, there is much to be sought and found by going within …

Heed these words,
You who wish to probe
the depths of Nature:
if you do not find within your Self
that which you seek,
neither will you find it outside.
If you ignore the wonders
of your own House,
how do you expect
to find other wonders?
In you is hidden
the Treasure of Treasures.
Know Thyself and you will know
the Universe and the Gods.

~ Delphi Oracle

In case you’re wondering, the Gods is not a reference to the gods of mythology, but a reference to those who came before us …

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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