Ultimate Fulfillment 2

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 20, 2014

The more deeply I delve into the ultimate nature and meaning of personal fulfillment, the more I realize the necessity of living my life in a new light, from a more encompassing perspective.

This entails viewing others and the world in a new light, from a more encompassing perspective.

As my appreciation of this realization deepens, as my understanding of it broadens, as my awareness of it heightens, my receptivity and sensitivity to feeling also goes deeper, broader, and higher.

While I am more sensitive to feeling pressured, troubled, undermined, overwhelmed, preoccupied, compelled, perplexed, and uncertain, I am also more attuned to feeling calm, clear, composed, warm, relaxed, and alert. I can better take the odd, the strange, the bizarre, and perplexing events of everyday life in stride, especially as they affect me directly or adversely.

In light of this, I sense that even as my interests and concerns are central to articulating the basis, essence, and ideals of living a fulfilling life, others in my life are a significant source of meaning.

When I say “others in my life”, I mean “everyone with whom I come into contact or stay in contact, with whom I have dealings, with whom I exchange pleasantries, with whom I come into conflict”.

My life is a tapestry whose threads are connected to others, whether or not I am aware of them. In other words, I realize these threads are sometimes visible and apparent, and sometimes not.

All of this leads me to introduce the first major topic of this exploration into the ultimate realization of personal fulfillment: the panoramic life review, which typically occurs during a lucid death experience.

This phenomenon, considered by some researchers as the single most important feature of the lucid death experience (also known as the near-death experience, which is a misnomer, in my view) is rich with insight, and I intend to explore it deeply in the days and weeks ahead.

I’ve placed it in the Basis section, as an essential (perhaps even fundamental) part of a cosmic perspective that would inform and inspire the ultimate realization of personal fulfillment.

I’ve also added a section called Questions to guide my exploration into ultimate fulfillment. Some of these questions might seem too deep and dark, but they could prove to be a rich source of insight.

Lastly, I’ve added content to Study Notes, some of which is rather provocative.

Note to willing participants and co-creators: I’m building and organizing a web within a web on this site to accommodate the sheer amount of content to be shared in this endeavor.






(Setting the context)




(A cosmic perspective)

Current study: the panoramic life review (learn more)




(The ethical imperative: guard guide your eyes, guard guide your thoughts, guard guide your steps)




Proposal: our prime directive as a species is finding the balance

  • finding the balance between soul (being) and spirit (becoming)
  • finding the balance between being perfectly full and becoming perfectly filled
  • finding the balance between living soulfully (truly, deeply) and living spiritually (wisely, freely)




(A context for living life to the fullest)




(A practice for living life to the fullest)




1. “I just can’t stand it anymore … why go on?”

2. “Wrong body, wrong family, wrong planet … why?”

3. “Why am I making such a mess of my life?”

4. “What does it really take to be (become) fulfilled in this life?”

5. Soul: “a sound approach to being perfect: possible?”

6. Spirit: “a sane approach to becoming perfect: desirable?”


Study Notes


  • incorporate the use of symbols with these elements: sphere (soul), spiral (spirit), pyramid
  • presence and pretense: best to view them as complementary, rather than as mutually exclusive?
  • follow these elements of perspective: form, structure, substance, orientation, appearance
  • the devil challenge (problem, difficulty, obstacle, inadequacy, struggle, conflict) is in the details
  • the privileged among us: a little too preoccupied with celebrity, technology, personality, positivity?
  • extroverts and introverts: “living on the surface” and “living from the depths with presence”
  • the panoramic life review: a representation of the ultimate in personal fulfillment for a life lived?


* TUiPF = The Ultimate in Personal Fulfillment

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