Manifest Your Desires

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 8, 2012

It’s a fact of life: if I keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll keep getting what I’m getting.

This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily.

When I’m in the flow, tuned into my core desires, happily expressing my core values, I’m golden. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and keep getting what I’m getting.

That is, until I hit a moment of resistance.

I have a confession to make: I welcome my resistance whenever and wherever I can.


Because it lets me know just how far I’ve been pulled away from my overall sense of well-being.

A moment of resistance presents me with an opportunity to learn, to stretch and grow, but inner resistance also implies insistence – insistence that things remain the same, that things be a certain way, that things remain crystal clear.

I usually know when it’s time for me to make a change, but even as I recognize the benefits of making one, I might not always be ready, willing, or able to make it.

Like the trapeze artist who suddenly loses his nerve, I simply cannot let go of one bar and take hold of the other. The gap appears too wide, too scary, too ominous, too threatening.

Fear and doubt are unusually effective in their ability to inform, especially when they come with a warning (“don’t do this; it’ll take you off course, it’ll waste your time, it’ll bring you down”).

Not so useful when they keep me small and safe.

I like to keep my intention to manifest front and center, allowing fear and doubt to serve as reliable companions, and so I do what I can to apply the organics of creative manifestation.

The organics of creative manifestation are not complicated, but they do require some thought (this process involves organics, not mechanics; I’m an organic being not a mechanical one).

I’m not here, attending the Earth school, to compensate for my mistakes and missteps.

I’m here to be a conscious guide to the manifestation of my desires, creatively and constructively, expressively and expansively, easily and effortlessly, or at least as easily and effortlessly as possible, within the purview of my capacities and capabilities, without undue stress, struggle, or strain.

Having understood this, I can also appreciate, at least in hindsight, that a bit of stress, struggle, and strain is necessary, serving to take me above or beyond the boundaries that define my comfort zone.

I’m allowing for a reasonable balance of stasis and growth, not a perfect one.

At some point in my tenure, however, I’m going to die pass into The Great Beyond.

Realizing the eventuality of my own death to this world at the heart of my soul has served to bring what I truly need and desire into focus, while also making me truly aware that what I really need and desire might not correspond perfectly (if at all) with what others really and truly need and desire.

Where my resistance guides me, alerting me to situations where someone or something feels off, my feelings provide vital evidence for the creative manifestations of my desired results or outcomes.

If these results or outcomes express my intentions and my expectancy, then I’m golden (yet again).

Think of it this way … if I spend a few moments every morning contemplating an image or a description that points with tantalizing effect to the outcome of a desire, then I cannot be too surprised if my desire manifests for real at some point in my future. I’ve actually had this happen in spite of myself.

When I identified strongly and positively with a pair of identical twins that I introduced as characters in a novel I was writing, I saw more identical twins in a week than I had seen in my entire adult life.

Perception bias? I don’t think so. I wasn’t looking for them, and being as fascinated and intrigued with identical twins as I am, I would have easily noticed their presence even if I weren’t writing about them.

My point is this: if I’m an emotional, vibrational match for my desired outcome, then at some point – minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months later – it will manifest for me in some form.

But then, I’m reminded of this pithy admonition: be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

If I set my intention to manifest the presence of a pink elephant, and that same day I see an image of one on a billboard, I could take that as my cue from the universe that my intention was received.

Before long, a pink elephant could make an appearance in the flesh.

It might appear in a parade, covered with pink silk cloth. It might appear at a zoo, where white elephants have been known to turn pink after being sprayed and cleansed with water.

Or, it might appear when and where I least expect it.

I can’t help but recall a documentary I saw that featured pink mice. They actually glowed in the dark. Their genes were reported as being combined with jellyfish genes at birth.

Jellyfish mice. Who would have thought? Jellyfish elephants, anyone?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but when my intention is supported by belief, guided by emotion and desire, and sustained by a relaxed expectancy, it eventually gives way to manifestation.

At least that’s the magic formula as I currently understand it.

If my desired result or outcome takes a while to manifest (i.e., much longer than I would like), it could mean that I’m not yet ready to receive it (of course, even if it manifests right away, I might not yet be ready to appreciate it. I’m thinking of lottery winners who squander their winnings).

As I stay true to my intention, conferring appreciation on anything that seems related to it, attracting more of what I allow to manifest, I become an emotional match for the object of my desire.

In other words, the universe can only fulfill a positive desire if I enjoy an emotional rapport with it.

Hootless composure, helps, too (a lot, as it turns out). I want it, but I don’t want it so much that I push it away with some scary, frenetic mixture of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, and desperation.

In other words, I’m okay if I don’t get it (sooner rather than later).

By keeping my attention on the object of my desire with hootless composure, I sustain a vibration to be matched. On the other hand, if I dwell on what I don’t want with fear, doubt, or worry, then I’m setting myself up to have the universe match my vibration with what I don’t want.

From within the realm of consciousness, inside the source field of infinite possibilities, “like attracts like”, and like all laws, The Law of Attraction is impersonal. It doesn’t care a whit what I want or don’t want. If I provide the universe with a vibration to be matched, positive or negative, it’ll match it.

However, emotional contrast (what I don’t want) can actually help me to figure out what I do want. If I don’t want something (or if I don’t want more of something), like … (uh no, I won’t even go there), that’s a clue to me that I want something else (or more of something else).

Even better, I can acquire almost anything I desire by keeping the vitality of my expectancy aligned with my intention, and my emotional energy (my feelings and desires) aligned with my beliefs.

I’m not here just to be a witness to the world, observing it as it is, just as it is.

If this is all I do, then I’m just inviting more of what I see. Same old, same old.

That is to say, if what I see is good for me/us, it can only stay good for me/us (forget about better and best), and if what I see is bad for me/us, it can only stay bad for me/us (or get worse).

I’m here in this manifest realm of free will to draw on what I see, to create, to be creative, to be a creator with creative intent, and to marvel at my creative manifestations.

I stay warm to my desires even as I keep my observations calm, cool, and collected.

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