Your Kosmic Journey

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 17, 2012

This is my final post in a series of posts that plumbs the depths of heart and soul.

Since writing your kosmic destiny, I’ve explored the value of presence and clarity, exposed the nature of yearning, and shared the benefits of pausing and letting go.

From the point of view of soul, I’ve examined the relevance of home, the vital significance of nature, the positivity in dreams, the wonders of magic, and the power of story.

From the heart of soul, I dove into the depths of forgiveness and reparation, contentment and detachment, as well as compassion, finding more than I bargained for.

In matters of soul in relation to spirit, I soulfully considered what it means to be ordinary, to hold a paradox, to be spontaneous, and to invite (and be taken by) surprise.

All of this has supported me in taking ownership of my kosmic journey.

A Soul and Spirit Divided

I understand that it’s easy to get lost in this world.

I don’t mean getting lost in a literal sense. I mean losing your sense of “being in-place”, your raison d’être – your reason for being who and what and where you are.

You might gain a sense of having the whole world in the palm of your hand but lose your soul in the process – or more precisely, lose touch with the heart of your soul.

All spirit and no soul tempts many a means justified by their ends.

On top of the world, feeling invincible, I’m less than likely to heed the call of conscience or common sense, or to follow intuitive insight or guidance from the heart of my soul.

In such a scenario, I have all that I need and the means to have all that I desire. My spiritual fulfillment is assured through material gain alone. What more could I possibly want?

The journey is sacred as and when the soul revels in acceptance to assume responsibility for its fate.

Cultivating the sacred dimension in everyday life, I go places, communing with other souls, and make myself available to objects of contemplation to which I project a sacred sense of promise.

From the value and meaning that my soul receives from these sacred encounters, I gather promises and blessings of fresh possibilities for the kosmic journey. This resonance is in contrast to stroking a sense of inflation with pleasures that merely amuse, entertain, stimulate, or titillate.

As I dedicate daily time and space for meditation and contemplation, I prime the Witness to welcome sacred moments, pregnant with meaning and purpose, promise and possibility.

Such a perspective, when held true, brings more than a few holy moments in the course of my day.

As a soul with a heart, I sit quietly in the morning silence and let myself be as I am, charging my capacity to confer reverence on daily encounters with persons, places, and perspectives.

As a spirit with a soul, I pause to watch, to listen, to feel, in the midst of activity, with respect, and without resistance, the myriad sights, sounds, and sensations of earthly life in all its variety.

Whenever it feels safe and appropriate, I allow the world to have its way with me.

On the opposite side of the coin, it is quite possible to be all soul and no spirit.

Imagine someone who never follows a single impulse, who speaks and moves slowly, very slowly, and who forgoes all pleasure – sensuous, romantic, erotic, sensual, and sexual.

Such an extreme poverty of the senses amounts to a living death of the spirit.

In actual fact, I met and conversed with such a person in my late teens, after attending a university lecture on the nature of free will. His gravitas made his demeanor grave in extremis.

This remarkable soul gave me the impression of one who was extremely old and wise.

To be sure, sanctity, when taken to such an extreme, amounts to a living death of the spirit, but this is no reason to fear, ignore, forgo, dismiss, or oppose the sacred dimension of life.

Awakening and Enlightenment

I’ve written about what happens after a soul gets caught in limbo somewhere between the earthly realm and ‘the realm beyond’ after choosing (or being compelled) to leave the earthly body.

At birth, the soul makes an appearance as a body. For some of us, this earthly body can grow into a strong and robust vessel and vehicle; for others, it remains vulnerable and fragile.

The human body serves as a vessel for the soul and as a vehicle for the spirit by which and through which an evolutionary, transformative process of individuation and integration can occur.

In this body, while a sense of the sacred motivates the heart of the soul, a sense of the divine inspires the soul of the spirit. These interconnected movements have two very different outcomes:

  1. a religious awakening, which is a sacred process (the subject of religiosity)
  2. spiritual enlightenment, which is a divine process (the subject of spirituality)

By religious, I mean anything to do with the heart of the soul. The awakening is an awakening to the realities of peace and love, care and concern, empathy and compassion, quality and sanctity.

By spiritual, I mean anything to do with the spirit manifest in human form. Enlightenment opens to the realities of joy and bliss, celebration and freedom, harmony and ecstasy, vitality and divinity.

The Prospect of Immortality

About twelve years ago, in a moment of hubris, I declared the intention to live forever. This was before I had studied the ramifications of physical bodily death in depth.

An integral part of this intention was that I would have no expectation that my worldly concerns and interests would ever die to this natural, physical, material world.

I joined an online forum of like-minded souls who harbored a similar intention, and we discussed at length a myriad of ways and means for postponing and eventually eliminating our expiry dates.

I have since informed myself about the realities of past lives, lives between lives, and life after “death”, from the point of view of someone living within a space-time continuum and from the point of view of someone living non-locally (with no sense of time or distance) beyond this continuum.

I am persuaded that I have an essential identity as a soul and spirit that survives physical bodily death, that endures in a form that is more real than what I experience here on earth.

As the veil between life and death is lifted, more of us are remembering who we are. As technology advances, the way will be cleared for a holistic study of life beyond “death”.

Or should I say … for a holistic study of life beyond this life.

The Illusion and Reality of Immortality

Living locally, that is, with a sense of time passing and with a sense of distance traversed, I can also contemplate the reality of eternity, with no beginning and no end in time.

In space and time, “from here to eternity” feels like immortality, but beyond space and time, there is no sense of time passing and no sense of distance traversed. I can be anywhere at anytime (some very credible near-death experiencers have reported that this was indeed the case for them).

I would merely need to switch my focus, in the manner of Descartes: I think, therefore I am.

From one point of view, a non-local point of view, immortality is an illusion. From a local point of view, however, immortality is a legitimate construct, perhaps even a legitimate prospect.

When I assume God consciousness for a moment, and view both of these points of view in tandem, I find that they complement each other in a way that supports the realization of fulfillment.

Let us now explicate the meaning of “soul and spirit, together, forever”.

The Core Issue of Our Time

If you’re wise, your soul will have a heart and your spirit will have a soul.

How do we encounter and experience such wisdom in the earthly realm?

If the many thousands of stories of surviving a fatal accident or misadventure are anything to go by, then it seems rather odd that we would even consider coming here to live …

… and love … and learn … and laugh …

Even more strange is that we would forget from whence we came, prompting such perennial and haunting questions as “who am I?”, “why am I here?”, “what is my purpose?”

Central to who we are in this manifest earthly realm are the mundane concerns of making a living and making a home. Until we have the strength and wisdom to take care of the mundane for everyone, the sacred and divine will remain on the periphery of subjective and collective consciousness.

In the meantime, the core issue of our time for each of us is simply and selfishly this:

How do I realize a robust sense of personal fulfillment, through engagement with the world, that continues to reflect and contribute to a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and direction?

The Spirit of Engagement (with Heart and Soul)

The term work, with its negating connotation of soul-freezing, mind-numbing, heart-rending, spirit-crushing servitude rubs many people the wrong way. For myself, I much prefer the term engagement, with a view towards the ultimate experience of creative ecstasy.

The spirit of engagement, be it restorative, constructive, productive, expressive, or creative, is a vital necessity for claiming a life of fulfillment and freedom in this dense manifest realm we call Earth.

Spiritual engagement with heart and soul brings …

  • profound and/or frequent feelings of well-being,
  • assurance that what I do makes a contribution,
  • a sense of purpose in connection with others,
  • awareness of consciousness beyond myself, and
  • satisfaction that feels both perfect and transcendent

An uplifting engagement, however, implies involvement, which is supportive by its nature. Without the involvement of heart and soul, the spirit of engagement is heartless and soulless.

As I mentioned earlier, where a sense of the sacred motivates the heart of the soul, a sense of the divine inspires the soul of the spirit. Let me illustrate this distinction with a personal example.

Reiki is a healing modality that involves sending energy, with intention and intuition, through the palms of your hands into those areas of the body that require soothing, clearing, or healing.

Needless to say, this process requires a clean, clear, sustained focus supported by infinite patience.

I recall my very first healing session, in which I performed the role of sacred healer, with a gentle yet subdued woman who seemed unusually depressed in spirit for reasons I did not know.

From the heart of my soul, I set my intention to heal, stopping and dwelling in those areas of her body where I sensed a need for soothing, clearing, or healing, and when the spirit moved me, I applied my hands elsewhere, with the same intention. When I was done, she appeared to be more alive.

Her eyes were shining, her face glowing. Her expressions of gratitude were heartfelt.

Knowing that she was open to healing, a sacred intention from the heart of my soul to bring healing to this person informed my spirit, moving my spirit to engage this person with an appreciation that what I did would make a positive difference to her sense of well-being.

The Imperatives of Destiny

Through my experience and from my extensive studies, I’ve come to learn that the meaning of our lives, here on earth and elsewhere, goes far beyond mere exploratory and expressive play.

We are all destined to awaken, enlighten, and evolve – to live to love to learn to grow.

These imperatives of destiny require experiences of friction and resistance, limitation and restriction, chaos and confusion, from which the process of individuation can actually occur.

Individuation implies the illusion of separation, and might even involve exclusion.

No one likes to feel excluded, and yet, a feeling of being excluded just might be the thing some souls need to spur their evolution into realization through the process of individuation. On the other hand, such an experience might also needlessly dampen or deflate or even depress their spirits.

If I, as Big Heart, Big Mind, consistently assume the perspective of subjective reality and take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in my world, then, at some level, I am creating and causing my own friction and resistance, my own limitations and restrictions, my own chaos and confusion.

As a Big Heart, Big Mind witness to my experience, I can observe, with responsive detachment, the stirrings and doings of my ego (small heart, small mind), and from a witness perspective, I can also process with care and concern all manner of discomfort caused by these stirrings and doings.

My feelings – in particular, those feelings that would hold me back or hold me down, that would cause me to give in or to give up prematurely – are vital clues to the obstructions created and caused by small heart, small mind, which are actually opportunities for Big Heart, Big Mind to realize itself more fully.

With a cultivated witness, I, Big Heart, Big Mind, can welcome feelings of limitation and restriction fully, reclaiming significant amounts of power invested in holding limitation and restriction in place.

To be sure, Big Heart, Big Mind is not better than small heart, small mind – just different.


Because small heart, small mind serves a vital, indispensable role in a back-and-forth dynamic that would have Big Heart, Big Mind realize itself in all of its brilliance and magnificence.

Without small heart, small mind, with its contrived friction and resistance, limitation and restriction, chaos and confusion, Big Heart, Big Mind could not even begin to experience and realize itself.

I, small heart, small mind, set my intention to remain open to my discomfort, whenever and wherever possible, in whatever form it might take, to the extent to which I feel ready, willing, and able.

I welcome such discomfort with the witnessing capacity of Big Heart, Big Mind, so that I can reclaim the energy that small heart, small mind invested in holding limitation and restriction in place.

With this energy, I can open more fully to, and identify more fully with, Big Heart, Big Mind.

Consequently, the spirit of engagement, with heart and soul, assumes a broader purview.

The Essential Summary

My religious awakening arises through small heart in relation to Big Heart, where the heart of my soul ideally contains a cultivated relationship of trust between small heart and Big Heart.

With adequate support in processing friction and resistance, the heart of my soul awakens to the realities of peace and love, care and concern, empathy and compassion, quality and sanctity.

This awakening is a continuous process, reflecting many sacred (and not so sacred) encounters.

My spiritual enlightenment occurs through small mind in relation to Big Mind, where the soul of my spirit ideally carries a celebrated relationship of respect between small mind and Big Mind.

With sufficient guidance in processing chaos and confusion, the soul of my spirit comes alive to joy and bliss, celebration and freedom, harmony and ecstasy, vitality and divinity.

This enlightenment is a continous process, involving many divine (and not so divine) experiences.

In essence, your kosmic journey is an evolutionary, transformative process of sacred involvement and divinely inspired engagement, into the heart of your soul, through the soul of your spirit.

This kosmic process occurs in and out of the manifest realm we call Earth, including and involving all beings related and connected non-locally and locally, subconsciously and consciously.

Assuming our maps of reality are sufficiently complex and open to accepting the reality of an infinite field of possibilities coming from within and without, the freedom to choose is wide open.

In truth, in the midst of the mundane realities of living in a human form, which cannot be dismissed, opportunities for sacred involvement and divine engagement are potentially infinite in number.

Paradoxically, ultimate fulfillment is not, and can never be, complete beyond the moment.


This post is the twenty-first and final post in a series that began here.

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