Option 4: Detachment

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 6, 2012

Spiritual detachment can feel right or wrong, depending on how I frame the source and cause of it.

Consider the following scenario:

One sunny afternoon in summer, I take a leisurely stroll on a sidewalk alongside a busy city street.

In my bliss, I become a witness to the sights and sounds of diverse sets of people, places, and things, and someone nearby starts screaming obscenities. A sense of dread erupts inside me.

Conscious of my emotional reaction, I can choose my response …

I can either judge the occurrence as offensive, condemning it as repulsive, and raise my emotional shields, inviting apathy about what transpires, or I can merely judge the occurrence as offensive and remain wary of its consequences, ready and willing to respond, or even react if necessary.

In other words, I can detach from the scene before me, but in different ways: detachment that shuts me down and closes me off, or detachment that allows me to remain open to my experience.

Reactive detachment feels wrong because it serves death – the death of possibility, opportunity, and compatibility, whereas responsive detachment feels right because it serves and supports life.

2012: Are We in the End Times?

I’ve read and seen and heard persuasive discourse that the end of this world is nigh.

Spurred by interpretations of coded crop formations, extraterrestrial contact, and the Mayan calendar, this discourse would have us believe that the earth and its inhabitants are in grave danger.

End-of-world scenarios include a terrestrial poleshift touched off by the gravitational exertions of an approaching comet/planet/brown dwarf, and a series of galactic superwaves, originating 26,000 years ago at the core of our galaxy, moving along the plane of our galaxy, leaving Red Giants in its wake.

Unfortunately for us (or fortunately, depending on your spiritual perspective), our solar system is presently aligned with this galactic plane – a sitting duck for these advancing waves.

Crop pictograms have been interpreted as showing us precisely that the first wave will be seen in the sky on December 13, 2012 (as a bluish-white light), and that on December 23, the first superwave will make contact with our sun, causing it to burn intensely, triggering the sun to become a Red Giant.

As a result, our sun will expand, engulfing Mercury and Venus, pushing the orbit of Earth outward, and on March 28, 2013, the perimeter of the sun will be at its maximum, not far from the earth.

Needless to say, things would get quite hot.

At this point, the sun would blow off its hot plasma, spraying the side of the earth that lies in its way, before collapsing into a relatively cool white dwarf, bringing about a major ice age on earth.

A fuller, more detailed context for what might transpire is available through the work of Patrick Geryl, Pane Andov, and Marshall Summers. These researchers present some intriguing findings.

The official story is … well, there really is no official story – but who is to say this silence is but a cover to avoid mass panic, to keep things smooth and safe until the last possible moment?

And what about all those underground bases we keep hearing about?

If I knew this world were about to end, detachment would become an issue of life and death. I would prepare myself to release all that I have to welcome all that I love and desire.

Responsive detachment occurs from a witness perspective, through a regular practice of meditation, with at least a few minutes of following the breath, allowing it to settle calmly and deeply into a slow, steady, reassuring rhythm, until awareness is once again collected.

Responsive detachment offers a welcome reprieve from the effects of regret, doubt, or worry.

As I meet regret, doubt, or worry in the face of loss, lack, or threat, I can observe the reality of loss with equanimity, the lack with serenity, and the threat of hurt or harm with composure.

I am who I am, where I am, without walking into the quicksands of despair. I can move through this world from a place of peace, free of the burdens of ceaseless care and concern.

One vital key to lasting contentment is found inside a cultivated detachment.

Four Options of Response

I’m aware that my earthly life could end in the blink of an eye, at any time, but having foreknowledge that this would happen in the near future is obviously a different matter altogether.

Whether the end of this world is near, by way of an extinction-level event later this year, I’d like to be prepared, at least spiritually, for any widespread destruction and/or transformation.

As I see it, I have four options. In the event of getting foreknowledge of my earthly demise, I could exercise any one or more of the following options …

  • Option 1: Contentment (The Path of Soul)
  • Option 2: Upliftment (The Way of the Spirit)
  • Option 3: Fulfillment (Soul and Spirit Balanced)
  • Option 4: Detachment (The Witness Perspective)

Knowing that my days were numbered, I could make my peace and choose contentment (option 1), or I could go out of my way to celebrate the end of my earthly life (option 2), or I could find some balance between the two (option 3). Otherwise, I would rise above it all and be a witness.

To be honest, as of this writing, I’m not sure which option I would begin to exercise.

Any unpleasant prospect naturally triggers some degree of detachment, but again, the perception of value associated with it could be altered, even transformed, depending on how I frame it.

At one time in my life, I was persuaded that death equals oblivion. Since then, in light of my extensive study of past lives, lives between lives, and life after life, I now view death as a transition. If my study has taught me anything, it’s this: be responsive and responsible, even in the face of death.

If I knew the end of the world was imminent, taking the easy way out and assuming the prospect of oblivion would be straightforward, giving me an excuse to give in, give up, and tune out.

I would rather be responsive and responsible, right up to the moment of my passing.

I might even view these options more as potentials than as fixed ways of being, taking my cue from my state of being as it fluctuated with the situations and circumstances that unfolded as the end drew near.

I’ve learned countless times that my native power is best channelled when my energy is funnelled and circulated through these four options as and when this feels good and right. I can well imagine that the intensity of this funnelling and circulating could increase manyfold as the grim reaper approached.

At least until I settled on one of these options.

Truth be told, it’s not really the transition that scares me so much as what comes before it. Will I be incapacitated? Will I endure excruciating pain? Will I be subject to unspeakable humiliation?

The way I see it is that such contingencies are best met with Option 4 – responsive detachment.

If I know that I am about to die to this earthly body, responsive detachment also affords me maximum exposure to my experience in the moments before my earthly body expires once and for all.

I remain alive, awake, and aware (and perhaps alert) enough to remain responsive and responsible, even at the moment of death, before departing from the heart of my flesh into the Light.


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