Home Sweet Home

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 8, 2012

Safety. Security. Stability.

We are vulnerable by nature; the breath is fragile.

The elements of nature compel us to seek shelter.

We inhabit bodies that make us creatures of habit.

Our needs are few – food, water, warmth, comfort.

Given the state of our technology, there is not a reason in the world why everyone’s most basic needs cannot be met with ease, with dignity served, without questions asked.

A home in the domestic sense of the word, however, is a complex mix of need and desire. Shelter is fine, as far it goes, but a home … a home is a sanctuary for promises.

Wherever the heart of my soul dwells, so dwells my home, and when I speak my truth to power with love, I affirm the sanctity of my home at the heart of my soul.

From a domestic point of view, home is a cocoon for the heart, a protective layer that surrounds and serves body and soul, bringing warmth, stability, and comfort.

I am fortunate that I can stay in a dwelling I find suitable and desirable, but even so, I like to gather impressions on occasion to imagine where I would most like to be.

Under morning sunlight, I picture a residence, simply built in a remote locale, in view of undulating hills and valleys, situated near majestic mountains and sparkling streams.

On other occasions, I see myself on the road to renewal, moving from place to place, finding my home inside my soul, whereupon the world reflects warmth in my heart.

No matter where I find myself, in reality or in fantasy, I take comfort in knowing that I can have peace in a place where I can be who I feel most called to be.

Ultimately, home resonates inside the heart of my soul.

I know when I’ve been away from home too long.

I’ve heard it said that when people die, they return home.

Many of those who have died, and have come back, tell us that, yes, our home is in the great beyond, on the other side of the great divide between life in heaven and life on earth.

Deep down, many know this, which is why they attempt, oftentimes successfully, to duplicate the feeling of home in this earthly realm, where everything feels safe, secure, and stable.

And yet, we keep incarnating, here on earth, and elsewhere, life after life after life.

If you’ve seen just how beautiful, intelligent, and successful some of us are to begin with, then you’ll realize the folly in thinking that we incarnate merely to move beyond the fires of samsara.

I’m rather inclined to think we’re born to be kosmic journey makers, intrepid explorers of the soul and spirit in a vast field of possibilities, evolutionary players in the game of manifesting intentions.

In this light, home is not, can not, and can never be, forever fixed. If true, what do we do?

Researchers of the lucid death experience keep hearing the same thing over and over from those who have crossed over to the other side: spend the bulk of your time on knowing and loving.

Live your truth, love your life; everything else will follow.


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