The Road to Renewal

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 1, 2012

Let us take a walk on the dark side for a moment.

When the spirit lies dormant or shuts down for any appreciable stretch of time, the soul begins to die, and as the soul stagnates, the spirit suffers torment as a consequence.

In my experience, coordinating soul and spirit is a perpetual balancing act: too little stimulation and the spirit is underwhelmed; too much stimulation and the soul is overwhelmed.

It’s basic math if and when you’re a conscious witness to your experience.

In truth, the body is a vessel for soul, serving to contain, impart, and cultivate quality. Thankfully, the body is also a vehicle for spirit, serving to carry, express, and celebrate vitality.

When the body is at the end of its rope, awash in a pool of helplessness, or on the verge of exhaustion, craving rest and relaxation, it can often find its renewal in the salvific blessings of Nature.

Mother Nature is sublime in her beauty. She is pure, She is wild, She is soft, She is silent – qualities seen, heard, and felt in a lake, a tree, a cloud, a stone.

As a perpetual source of renewal, She compels fidelity to the moment, allows the moment to bloom and blossom, coaxing longings from the heart of my soul.

A casual stroll through the heart of her soul is a walk on the wild side, through a forest, along the shore of a lake, into a vast field that stretches all the way to infinity.

I make time for her many splendors when I seek a respite from a constant, unrelenting focus – to invite rest and refreshment, to renew my sense of wonder.

I might savor my time with her when I walk on a cushion of needles in a hushed forest of pine trees or sit meditatively next to a brook babbling happily with delight.

Her vital, awesome presence offers countless moments of purity made transparent by sunlight, in the midst of warm, steady breezes, under clear, blue skies.

Long ago, even before we deliberately merged our souls in chaotic terror with the mammalian body, thereby committing ourselves irrevocably to this dense manifest realm, we took delight in the myriad sensations of nature through the flora and the fauna that were native to this world we call Earth.

It’s no wonder we still feel such a strong affinity for the blessings of Nature.

Our animality, as you well know, has a will of its own, as does our emerging divinity. As we rise in our power to reclaim our divine nature, we struggle like infants moving through birth canals to take back our divinely inspired perspectives on life, the universe, and everything in between.

I strongly suspect that, with divine guidance, we cannot and will not be stopped.

As potential creators extraordinaire, with unlimited access to presence and peace, with a divine promise to fulfill our destinies in this realm of existence, we are once again beginning to remember, en masse, who we are: powerful, purposeful, prosperous, passionate, pure realizers of possibility.

On the road to renewal, littered with all manner of obstacles, this epic rise to power is likely inexorable, its outcome inevitable.

My best guess is that we’ll govern this earth like it’s never been governed before, transforming and refining the whole of it into a living, breathing, pulsating organ of conscious light and love.


This post is the tenth in a series that began here.

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