Remember the Magic

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 18, 2012

This world is full of magic.

This world is a magical place to be.

This world is pure magic!

If you’re still connected to reality, then you’ll know in your heart of hearts that these statements are naive at best, the spirited exclamations of Pollyanna notwithstanding.

In spite of living in a cauldron of bubbling perversity, hostility, depravity, and misery, we can still (almost unbelievably) venture beyond our cloisters and open ourselves to magic.

Until this world catches up with any intention to prosper as a species, however, we still need to make conscious, individual efforts to keep the channels of magic open and clear.

The magic of everyday life is not an outcome that anyone can pursue directly.

The wonder of it all fades quickly, and can even disappear, when we get caught up in pursuing goals, juggling expectations, facing demands, completing tasks, meeting deadlines.

I remind myself that productivity is a means to an end – not an end in itself.

I remind myself that taking time out from work, whether it be mundane, productive, or creative, is a natural, necessary feature of a life lived for the sake of living, not working.

I make time to relax, to take the edge off my focus, to go somewhere where I can just be – to rest the heart of my soul in a place where I can come alive to a magical moment.

And stay open to experience.

Have you ever been a witness to a bird peering at you through a window? Have you ever been held captive by sparkles of dew or snow in sunlight? Or watched horizons come alive at sunset?

“Don’t waste my time”? “Magic is just for kids”? “I have more important things to do”? “I’m too sophisticated for this”? Please. I wouldn’t believe any of this for a moment.

An addiction to distraction is a fatal attraction.

Pay some attention to your soul; make some time for your inner child.

A sense of wonder can bloom, but only when you clear a space in the heart of your soul to invite, welcome, allow, and receive enchantments from the realm of everyday life.

No rush. No hurry. No pressure.

In view of this potential for magic, let us remember …

  • that we need not be consumed by pragmatic outcomes
  • that we need not take everything and everyone literally
  • that we need not drive ourselves relentlessly into oblivion
  • that we need not be stagnant pools of learned helplessness

Come alive to the wonders of nature; be open to moments of beauty, harmony, serenity; and as you conceive or perceive the story of your life, be sure to bring some magic into it.

Day in, day out, the promise of magic awaits you.


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