Longings, Yearnings

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 26, 2012

I am present to my experience when I have clear access to Presence, living or loving.

Consequently, I can pause, in the midst of activity, for a holy moment, whenever I feel called to bring myself back to myself and discover my next prompt, my next choice, my next move.

In solitude, however, I’m as thoughtful about sensing and giving voice to longings and yearnings as I am about sensing, voicing, and following promptings from the heart of my soul.

My soul and spirit are less than whole when I’m unable or unwilling to do this.

I trust my soul and I respect my spirit when I give voice to their respective longings and yearnings.

With trust in the heart of my soul, I give space to its longings when I meditate on the flow of my breath, following its lead with a precise focus, and with respect to my spirit, I give time to its yearnings when I stop to receive inklings of a vision that promise directions new and fresh and varied.

I give space to a soul that longs for contentment and I give time to a spirit that yearns for upliftment as or when I stop to commune with sights, sounds, and sensations of an agreeable nature, growing out of the fertile soils of an everpresent promise meeting up with purpose, passion, and possibility.

At the nexus of soul and spirit resting in solitude and quietude, I allow the gentle stirrings at its heart to emerge and arise on fire with desire, each with a distinctive voice, and as these unique voices guide me from my peace to my truth in the moment, I pause in quiet reflection of what beckons.

I receive and express whatever longings and yearnings I have when I make time to be.

We’ll know when everyone is whole and complete when they can meet each other for the first time, and do so with presence and promise, whole and equal, from a place of clarity and serenity.

I’ve heard it said from those who have gone to The Other Side that this world is a realm to summon my will – to live, to love, to learn, to grow, to serve, to bless, to forgive, to give hope, to have faith, to show mercy; to be kind, loving, and compassionate; to be accountable for who I am, for all that I have, say, and do; to realize this world for the dream or stage that it is; to create an experience of reality worthy of my promise, with my own vision of Source, and with my own reading of heaven and hell.

If this perspective contains any truth at all, then the world in which we live is replete with conditions, such that our souls are compelled to negotiate and our spirits are impelled to navigate.

The subtle pressures to negotiate soulfully and navigate spiritually are constant and unrelenting, right up to that fateful moment when we finally take a pass into The Great Beyond.

In the face of this massive, complex maze we call life on earth, our longings and yearnings might seem too weak and too feeble to matter, and yet if we really give some thought to what I’m saying here, then we’ll realize that longings and yearnings are vital precursors to our conscious needs and desires.

With respect to the satisfaction of need and the fulfillment of desire, we need to start somewhere.

Why not with longings and yearnings?


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