Rest, Relax, Refresh

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 26, 2011

With the passing of the summer solstice this past week on Tuesday, June 21st at precisely 17:16 UTC, summer in the northern hemisphere has officially begun.

Around the world, cultures have interpreted this event in various ways, but many have held it up as a sign of fertility, involving holidays, festivals, gatherings, rituals, or other celebrations.

For me personally, summer is the perfect time to reflect – to rest, relax, refresh, and restore body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit, removing, releasing, or replacing that which no longer serves me.

When I think of summer, I think of summer morning breezes wafting through open windows, quiet afternoon walks under clear blue skies, and the aroma of ripened fruit in open market stalls.

In my youth, I recall taking bike rides on dirt trails through lush fields, playing baseball, soccer, or football with friends in a spirit of fun, and staying out late on cool summer evenings.

This summer, I look forward to catching some rays, to soaking up the sights and sounds at open cafés, concerts, markets, and plays, to exploring new and interesting places at my leisure.

Whether you have some or all of the summer off or just weekends free, the start of summer beckons with leisurely strolls, warm breezes, and cool running waters.

As you prepare to get some R & R, you might like to consider your energy orientation. Do you find your vibratory essence for this summer to be masculine, feminine, or androgynous?

That is, are you chomping at the bit, driven by a deeply felt need to push yourself to the limit, so that you can then revel in the sensations of rest, relaxation, and refreshment afterwards?

Do you feel in the mood to embrace and embody this Spanish proverb: how beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward. Blissful reveries of contemplation, anyone?

Or do you feel inclined to strike a balance this summer between being and becoming, having and doing, giving and taking, allowing and persisting, slowing down and speeding up?

Whichever orientation you anticipate, I invite you to pick activities or challenges that complement it.

For myself, I will honor the feminine principle, following the call of my energy wherever it leads me, knowing full well that my fulfillment will reflect my satisfaction – and vice versa.

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