Publications Update

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 24, 2011

As I mentioned in my recent newsletter, it’ll be one year tomorrow since I began writing for my site.

I indicated that I’d be offering one of my publications free of charge for one day only, but I’ve since decided to offer it free of charge in perpetuity, as of now. Incidentally, I assigned a creative commons licence to this publication to promote wide readership. A link to the permissions is included.

Effective July 1st, 2011, I’ll be removing two of my publications from circulation: my poetry collection, A Witness to Experience, and my instructional guide, Live to Love Your Message.

I’ve grown and evolved significantly since releasing these publications, and although I find they’re still relevant to my mission to articulate and present the essence of personal fulfillment as an ideal that can be fully realized and enjoyed, I no longer feel that they fully reflect this mission. Having said this, I leave open the option of incorporating certain content from these publications into future releases.

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