A Witness to the Will

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 17, 2011

In my previous post, I posed a basic question: let it be or make it so?

This simple question is the taproot of all questions where personal freedom and responsibility are concerned, and I’m beginning to get clear about the universal context from which it arises.

I find myself coming back to these questions: where personal freedom and flourishing and fulfillment are concerned, what’s essential and what’s ideal? What’s practical and what’s spiritual?

I’d now like to sketch and build a platform to answer these questions.

An Outline for the Platform

Let’s talk about you, your lifestyle, and your life.

Are you free? Are you flourishing? Have you reached a continuity of fulfillment in your life?

Don’t be too concerned if you can’t answer these questions right now with a “yes”.

Something tells me that only a minority of people on this planet can, at this time, answer affirmatively, given how this world is currently structured and run by those with the wherewithal to do so.

In my post, Your Ultimate Guide, I outlined a rather controversial path for your soul and spirit.

the power pyramid

I’d now like to put the spotlight on one particular scene along this path. It’s an earthly scene, a scene with all sorts of practical applications and implications, a scene that requires a fair bit of clarification and elaboration, a scene to which we would all do well to pay close attention.

To make this earthly scene worthy of our attention, let’s get out our magnifying glasses, figuratively speaking, and magnify the most essential components of this earthly scene.

the solar metaphor

Let’s start with the end result. Let’s start with the solar metaphor at the top of the pyramid. Let’s start with what this metaphor represents and how it fits into the overall pyramidal scene.

The solar metaphor represents you.

You and your personal identity, freedom, flourishing, and fulfillment.

The dot at the centre of your metaphor represents your capacity for presence – your capacity to be present, to be present to your experience, to be present to your experience of reality, to be present to your experience of reality in the moment, at this moment, here and now.

Without this capacity, you are nothing. Nothing at all. Not even a cipher.

Without presence, you would never know peace. You would never know what it means to be at peace, to allow peace, to make peace, to project peace naturally, spontaneously, and effortlessly.

The white space around the dot at the center of the solar metaphor represents peace, and the more present you can be to your experience of reality in the moment, the more peace you will have.

Moving outward from the dot at the center of who you are, beyond peace, is the promise of your soul – the first shaded band in the solar metaphor beyond the white space of peace.

What is promise? A ground for expectation. Something to stand on. Something to draw upon to form expectations of improvement, success, excellence, freedom, flourishing, and fulfillment.

Now, I said “the promise of your soul”. I didn’t say “your promise as a person”.

Your promise as a person expands and rises throughout your lifetime to the extent that you make the most of your promise as a soul – the ground that you were given before you were born.

Your promise as a person cannot bloom without having any promise as a soul.

Without this promise, you would never know love. You would never know what it means to be in love, to participate in love, to make love, to project love naturally, spontaneously, and effortlessly.

The white space around the shaded band representing your promise as a soul indicates love, and the more promise you can activate, stand on, and draw upon, the more love you can share.

We know love with promise. We have love with promise. We share love with promise.

Moving further outward from the center of the solar metaphor, we encounter purpose.

What is your purpose? What is your purpose in life? What is your purpose for being here, in this world, on this planet, in this universe, at this time?

You cannot answer these questions if you cannot be present to your experience; you cannot answer them if you have no promise; and you cannot answer them if peace and love are foreign to you.

What is your purpose, dear reader? Really and truly, what is it?

Be present to your experience to be at peace. Activate and cultivate the promise of your soul to know and to share the love. Write or speak a thousand responses to “what is my purpose?”.

In that order.

Be prepared to welcome your passion; be prepared to attract a corona of possibilities commensurate with your passion, generated by your purpose, aligned with your presence and your promise.

In other words, rise and shine.

Four contextual units occupy the solar metaphor:

  1. at the center: presence and peace
  2. in the middle: promise and love
  3. on the outside: purpose and passion
  4. the corona: a potentially infinite field of possibilities

Without the presence of peace, you’ll never find your promise, and without the promise of love, you’ll never find your purpose, and without purpose in your passion, you have no corona.

the taijitu

The taijitu, the next component in the power pyramid, is no where to be seen. It’s there. You just can’t see it. It’s hidden inside the dot at the centre of your solar metaphor. The yin in your soul and the yang of your spirit are latent inside your capacity for presence.

It’s there, swirling inside the center of your being.

Round and round and round it goes without end.

I covered this component of your Being fairly extensively in my post, Unity and Harmony, where I explored the play of dualities in some depth. The key takeaway of this post, for me, was this statement: I am a Witness to my experience with a Will to be responsible for my experience.

Note the relevance of this statement to the solar metaphor.

Through presence, I am a Witness to peace. Through promise, I am a Witness to love.

With presence and promise, and with the fruits of presence and promise (peace and love), I can be a Witness to my experience of passion through purpose, and with a purpose informed by peace and with a purpose inspired by love, I have the Will to be responsible for my passion and my possibilities.

the partitioned pyramid

This component of the power pyramid supplies, not only structure, so that your solar metaphor can make an appearance, but stability, so that your upward spiral has some place to go (up).

We’ll cover your upward spiral in a moment, but for the moment, the pyramid represents a set of boundaries and standards for the realization of your freedom, flourishing, and fulfillment.

The capstone represents the pinnacle of your fulfillment and is reserved for your solar metaphor.

The three levels on the pyramid represent the three modes of doing, having, and being, respectively: surviving, striving, and thriving, as indicated on the initial diagram that began this discourse.

Where the solar metaphor reflects a vision of your fulfillment, and where the taijitu serves to keep you, your lifestyle, and your life in balance, the pyramid provides a structure for your flourishing.

the upward spiral

This component of the power pyramid, the upward spiral, is a potent reminder of where we know we need to go if we want to be free, to flourish, and to fulfill ourselves and our lives.

But what does it represent exactly?

Movement? Positivity? Flourishing?

To answer these questions, we need only to locate the spiral inside the pyramid, juxtaposed with its three levels of “survive, strive, and thrive” under the capstone of fulfillment.

If I live my life at the level of surviving, I might or might not be ready, willing, or able to strive, and if I live my life at the level of striving, I might or might not be ready, willing, or able to thrive.

I’m relying here on your sense of what it means to survive, strive, and thrive, but I trust that a more detailed analysis would give us a more informed sense of what they mean in practical terms.

The spiral alone is a yardstick for locating where you are in your life; the upward spiral is a yardstick for measuring your progress with flourishing on your path to freedom and fulfillment.

the power pyramid (shaded)

When all of the components that make up you, your life, and your lifestyle are brought together to form an integrated whole, the result is a snapshot of your vision, balance, courage, and discipline.

The result is a snapshot of your will to power – informed by peace, inspired by love, fueled by passion.

A large number of people on the planet are situated at the bottom of the pyramid.

Most people on the planet, thankfully, are in positions to not only survive, but strive. A small minority of people are thriving and an even smaller minority are fulfilling their lives inside the capstone.

I shaded the bottom two levels of the power pyramid for a reason, which I’ll address in a moment.

People who are fortunate enough to live inside the capstone need only a vision to guide them. They’ve long since mastered most if not all of the requirements of balance, courage, and discipline.

Their main focus is the solar metaphor.

Aside: some people are wealthy, but have yet to acquire mastery; they’ve inherited their wealth and they struggle daily with issues of mastery – caught inside what I call “the prosperity trap”.

People who occupy the level below the capstone are preoccupied with issues of balance. They’re thriving because they’ve mastered many if not most of the lessons of courage and discipline.

Their main focus is the symbol of taijitu.

Most people in this world occupy a middle ground, striving for some form of stability. They’re striving because they’re growing into courage and have already mastered some form of discipline.

Their main focus is the partitioned pyramid.

Last, but certainly not least, those who are preoccupied with issues of survival are learning the hard lessons of discipline. Some might say “too hard”, but then there’s the reality of karma.

Their main focus is the upward spiral.

A whole book – indeed, a whole series of books – could be written about the relationship dynamics that exist between these groups of people. This subject matter, however, is beyond the scope of this post. Instead, I’d like to focus briefly on why I shaded the bottom two levels of the power pyramid.

There’s a growing movement in this world toward providing the necessities and comforts of life for everyone on the bottom two levels of the pyramid, which presumably would relieve a great deal of psychosocial stress, which in turn would significantly lower rates of crime and disease.

Overall, I think this would be a boon for everyone, shifting relationship dynamics and slowing, perhaps even reversing, the downward spiral that seems to be happening on this planet. I also think the lessons of courage and discipline could and would assume other, less stressful, forms.

When the necessities and comforts of life are provided in a global resource-based economy, with a new value system that supports global access abundance, survivors and strivers could then turn their attention to gaining the skills required to make meaningful contributions. Having learned the lessons of courage and discipline, they would then take up the lessons of balance.

All of this, of course, requires a more inclusive identity as a species on planet earth.

Our Evolutionary Imperative

Get over yourself … requires discipline. Get over yourself to love yourself … requires courage (by way of vulnerability). Get over yourself to love yourself enough to go beyond yourself … requires balance. Get over yourself to love yourself enough to go beyond yourself to the pinnacle of your fulfillment … requires vision.

This is our evolutionary imperative, both for individuals and for collectives, at this time: to go beyond the egocentric and sociocentric levels of conditioning and functioning to adopt a globocentric paradigm from a kosmocentric perspective. To do this, we need discipline, courage, balance, and vision, and we need to apply these requirements to the following objectives:

  • develop the discipline to strive for more and better
  • develop the courage to thrive rather than just strive
  • cultivate balance with awareness and acceptance
  • cultivate a vision of promise at the pinnacle of fulfillment
  • learn, grow, and evolve into healthy, active, vital lifestyles
  • establish appropriate boundaries and standards with integrity
  • cultivate relationships that go beyond stereotypical roles
  • find and follow the highest, most inspired, excitement

The title of this post is A Witness to the Will for a reason, and I’d like to address this now, in light of what I’ve just shared.

To be a Witness to the Kosmos is to be present, not only to your own particular experience of reality, but to “all that is”, and when I say “all that is”, I mean “all that is”.

To be present to “all that is” is to keep an open heart and mind to making connections with any and all phenomena in existence. This includes earthly, celestial, and kosmic phenomena.

To be a Witness to the Kosmos does not mean playing God – pretending to be all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere present in a vast, infinitely rendered, eternally manifested Kosmos.

It does mean having a willingness to join others in approaching, and evolving towards, a collective Godhood, where the first principles of unity and harmony are manifested with exquisite balance.

I have my consciousness and you have yours, and when we can access and contribute to our growing collective consciousness, we can know and see things we couldn’t possibly have known or seen without it. In other words, with the support of a growing, evolving, flourishing collective consciousness, we all have, as souls, the capacity to be Witnesses to the Kosmos on our way to Godhood.

This includes being intuitive, spiritual, psychic, and telepathic – in a world where transparency reigns, and where subtle acts of deception, seduction, and manipulation are exposed with casual ease.

Assuming a witness perspective requires that we be present to our experience of kosmic reality as interested, concerned, influential observers, noting this or that thought, feeling, memory, impulse, urge, desire, intention, or expectation with respect to any and all phenomena in existence.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds and I can help you get there. To understand what it means to be a Witness to the Will, take a few moments to examine the following diagram and legend.

the field of infinite possibilities

P1: Presence – within the sphere of interest
P2: Promise – within the sphere of concern
P3: Purpose – within the sphere of desire
P4: Possibility – within the sphere of influence

As a whole, this diagram represents the field of perception. The dot at the center of this heuristic is, again, The Witness, with its capacity for presence, and its ability to be present. The four concentric spheres that radiate away from the center represent The Will to Power.

The Will to Power is governed by four concentric spheres: interest (mastered with discipline), concern (mastered with courage), desire (mastered with balance), and influence (mastered with vision). The vast, infinite area that extends beyond these spheres is the Kosmos (the world, not just this world).

The field of perception (aka the field of infinite possibilities) is encompassed by “all that is”, and it is through the sphere of influence that our possibilities circulate, which affects the sphere of desire, which in turn affects the sphere of concern, which in turn affects the sphere of interest – and back out again, into the Kosmos, creating a feedback loop of presence, promise, purpose, and possibility.

As a collective, our species has a responsibility for taking care of this feedback loop – for applying the appropriate interest, concern, desire, and influence to keep it healthy, active, and vital. As individuals, we have a responsibility for taking care of our own contribution to this feedback loop.

The Witness is at the center for a reason: not only is it present to presence itself, it is also present to the experience of peace, love, and passion, while being actively involved with promise, purpose, and possibility. The Will vibrates, radiates, and extends outward from the center, actively engaging the four concentric spheres of interest, concern, desire, and influence, all the way to infinity.

Where The Witness is present to mystery, The Will drives the need for mastery.

With a body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit, we (collectively and as individuals) have a responsibility for moving through the spheres of interest, concern, desire, and influence, towards infinity, while being present to the mysteries of life, love, and light as Witnesses, while actively engaged with the Will to meet its recurrent need for mastery.

As a vessel for soul, your body contains the promise of quality, dignity, intimacy, and sanctity. As a vehicle for spirit, your body carries the possibility of validity, vitality, desirability, and divinity.

Where your heart, by way of the Witness, serves to realize the promise of your soul, your mind, by way of the Will, serves to fulfill the possibilities of your spirit through body, mind, heart, and soul.

Be present to your experience. Be at peace. Be in love. Discover and realize your promise. Find your purpose and follow your passion. Fulfill your desires in a field of infinite possibilities.

You do all of this when you master your sphere of interest with discipline, your sphere of concern with courage, your sphere of desire with balance, and your sphere of influence with vision.

When you’ve done all of this, you’ve reached the pinnacle of your fulfillment.

You’ve entered the capstone at the top of the power pyramid.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve sometimes wondered why personal fulfillment is not a popular subject at this time, and I think I found the answer: it’s much too painful for most people to bear!

In my experience, most people want to live a decent life, and yet, the complexity of getting one and having one and keeping one can seem more than a little overwhelming at times.

They want to earn an income or share their goodwill doing what they most love to do. They want some place where they can live in comfort, at least some of the time. They want to enjoy a diet of delicious and/or nutritious food that sustains them in work and play. If they follow a daily routine, they want it to support their health, fitness, and vitality. If they care about their image, they want it to be attractive and desirable. If they care about love, romance, passion, and intimacy, they want someone in their lives who can mean the world to them. If they care about companionship, they want compatible friends with whom they can share their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and perspectives. If they care about their things, they want pride of ownership in anything that would make their lives easier, richer, and more fun. If they travel, they want to experience all that the world has to offer. Most fundamentally, they want the good fortune of being “healthy, happy, wealthy, and wise” – most if not all of the time.

As I mentioned earlier, many people are stuck in survival mode. Many more are striving to find their place in the world. I could be wrong, but my feeling is that most of these people have neither the time nor the inclination to think about the issues of personal fulfillment. Of course, exceptions exist.

The subject of personal fulfillment is mind-boggling in its complexity.

Those who enjoy it have no real need to learn about it. Those who are thriving, while grappling with issues of balance, are probably in the best position to engage the issues of personal fulfillment.

To spread perspectives on personal fulfillment, the most prudent course of action seems to require a multi-faceted approach: appeal with vision to those living inside the capstone; appeal with balance to those who are thriving; appeal with courage to those who are striving; and appeal with discipline to those who are living in survival mode. And then demonstrate how those in a higher level on the power pyramid might benefit from helping or supporting those who subsist or exist on a lower level.

This approach, I think, would serve to satisfy the evolutionary imperative.

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