My Poetic Fulfillment

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 27, 2011

Five years ago, I began writing prose and poetry in earnest.

I had come across a site called Zaadz, an online community populated by the most diverse collection of soulful, spiritual people I had ever known. Not long after I joined, I was inspired to share some of my most intimate thoughts and feelings, and the results made up the bulk of my poetic expressions.

I collected these poetic expressions and compiled them into an ebook called A Witness to Experience: A Collection of Kosmic Poetry. This collection contains a wide assortment of prose and poetry that stretched my poetic soul’s imagination in more than a few conscious, kosmic directions.

Sometimes, the world looks and feels too prosaic for its own good. People settle, and they settle in ways that leave them (and the poetic soul) looking and feeling a little too comfortable.

This collection turns its poetic back on this questionable state of affairs and doesn’t look back.

It’s fresh, it’s quirky, it’s dynamic, it’s challenging. It pokes fun and it has fun. It entertains unusual, unconventional perspectives. It presents odd points of view with the best of intentions. And it offers more than a few sacred moments for the divine feminine spirit, lovingly and tenderly expressed.

The feedback I received from others was uniformly positive and made my writing a joy and a pleasure, inspiring me to produce some of my best work.

Whether you’re looking to challenge the poetic imagination of your soul or looking to refresh your poetic perception of the world, I’m willing to believe that this collection can do both.

Overview of the Content

This collection is divided into three sections.

In section one, I provide a sampling of my poetry and prose in a variety of expressions. I label this section “free verse” and I intend the use of this label in the most liberal sense possible.

In section two, I provide an introduction to classical haiku poetry, with some practical guidelines on how to write it, before introducing and then offering a selection of my own haiku.

In section three, I provide the bulk of my kosmic poetry and prose in two parts. These two parts reflect two different time periods where I expressed myself in two different online communities.

The writing I did in the first part, which is more recent, conveys a carefree attitude that fearlessly plumbs the depths of human nature, the human condition, and the human experience.

The writing that I did in the second part pushes the boundaries of my perception and imagination to levels where I truly began to assume a conscious, kosmocentric perspective.

Themes that I explore in my prose and poetry include the following: the experience of bliss and flow, the nature of sacred encounter and divine experience, the witness perspective, truth and beauty, love and wisdom, unity and harmony, and last but not least, being and becoming.

All in all, about eighty pieces are presented for your edification.

This River We Call Life

Writing prose and poetry in the years from 2006 to 2008 was quite fulfilling for me.

I grappled with subjects that were difficult to express, and yet, with long, patient pauses, I was nevertheless able to render the most complex of thoughts and feelings in written form.

I don’t know exactly to what extent these writings contributed to my passion for personal fulfillment, but in retrospect, I’d like to think that my poetic expressions had a fairly substantial impact.

Here’s an example of what I mean, which I wrote as a stream of consciousness in the summer of ’08:

this river we call life

i allow myself to feel profoundly at peace, in spite of the chatter, the chaos, the confusion within, i bring myself closer to the heart of my soul, wherein lies the fresh, fragrant, fertile soil of life where sweet love grows in a climate of trust, and i find joy, the joy of bliss, blissfully participating in this river we call life, flowing and meandering and rushing over large, round stones under dark blue skies filled to the brim with morning sunshine and birdsong, all around me, all through me, all in a moment of awe, now and forever and always here, there, and everywhere sitting, standing, sliding into a current everlasting with all that was, is, and will be, knowing well, in any given moment, that i might not ever walk this earth again, realizing here and now that i am one with all, and all that is one is one with me, the one and all that is one in me.

I’ll let you have your own interpretation of this piece, but I interpret it as a yearning from the heart of my soul to express the ultimate in fulfillment before I slip into The Great Beyond.

Practical Details

As of July 1, 2011, this publication is no longer available.

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