Deep Surrender

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 7, 2010

Four days ago, I came down with a sore throat – the kind that makes it difficult to swallow.

My immune system had been compromised in some way. Was it the excess fatty food I consumed over the weekend. Was it my attendance at a Hallowe’en street party with my sweetheart, where I went out into the street in below-zero Celsius temperatures without a coat? Or did I pick up a virus from among the many hundreds of costumed revellers and curious onlookers?

None of this mattered when my sore throat came calling a couple of days later, but instead of expecting that a full-blown cold was imminent, and after failing to prevent a painful sore throat with a few doses of liquid echinacea taken earlier in the day at the first sign of soreness, I decided to be – to just be – as in: the way to do is to be.

Having the luxury of time, I surrendered deeply to the wisdom of my body.

I sought the pillow whenever I felt the need. I drank water when I was thirsty. I ate only when I was hungry, and when I did, it was citrus fruits only – pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines – for the first couple of days, and then more dense fruits like bananas and berries. I did gentle exercise (tai chi and yoga) when I felt up to it. Anything else I did I did when I felt inclined.

I found my centre and let the wisdom of my body – the inspiration behind my intuition – to guide me every step of the way. From a witness perspective, and with presence of mind, I observed the comings and goings of unacknowledged, unprocessed feelings from past encounters and experiences – some of which I resisted and some of which I merely noted as being there. But they were all acknowledged.

I didn’t eat much and I lost five pounds in three days, but curiously, the symptoms of my cold were mild compared to previous colds: the fever was short-lived and I had almost no sinus congestion to speak of, no watery eyes for the most part, and hardly any sneezing. Just a persistent, annoying mucus-breaking, throat-clearing cough.

The principle of Mana tells us that all power comes from within. With my experience of this recovery, I found a greater appreciation of what this means. Allowing a profound acceptance during this time has helped me to find my centre, tap into a deep, inner wisdom, and follow my intuitive guidance.

I never felt at all inspired to write anything this past week (until now, a day before I’m scheduled to post), and so I will do Mana justice by picking up where I left off last week in my next post.

Consider this post a preamble.

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